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Gospel According to Disney

We are doing this as our summer camp idea, using 5 Disney movies to explain biblical concepts. Sword in the Stone, Pinnochio, Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book, and Peter Pan. I am looking for craft/activity ideas that might fit in with this program. Anyone got any ideas???

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The biblical themes:

Sword in the Stone - John 2:1-12 & I Samuel 16:21-17:11

Pinnochio - life has strings, truthfulness, unselfishness

Lady and the Tramp - Luke 6:37-42

Jungle Book - Exodus 1:22-2:10 John 15:13
This one is going to deal alot with friendship

Peter Pan - Acts 5:12-16

Thanks in advance for any help that you guys can give me

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There are books that give you lesson ideas and activities that tie in with popular movies--including the Disney movies. Go to the Ideas & Lesson Exchange, then click on Workshop Design & Teaching Resources. Then go to Cinema/Theater & Audio-visual workshop. There are several listings there that might be helpful. Here is the link:

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Gospel according to Disney? Yeesh.

I Samual 16. Decorate a box -- ugly on outside, beautiful on the inside.

Pinnochio sounds like you are trying to get at the fruits of the Spirit. Cut out fruit from construction paper and list a spiritual fruit on each.

Luke 6:38 OOOH There's got to be something that can be pressed down, shaken together, running over!! We had a slime recipe once...

Jungle Book -- I have to say, I HATE this movie for the 1940s stereotypes imbedded in it. Couldn't you pick something else? The Lion King maybe? Okay, friendship, friendship bracelets maybe?

Peter Pan -- Not sure I see the connection to Acts 5:12-16 which is about healing. How about putting together a care package for a local shelter?

I have just started reading a great book: "The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust" by Mark I. Pinsky. He covers a lot of (but not all) Disney movies. It is available on for about $10.00. Hope this helps and is not too late.
Lisa Lisa Lisa....
Next thing you know you'll be wacking the Bible because of ITS stereotypes! -but please do, just had to point that out Cool

I love Baloo the Bear and the Bear Necessities.
Reminds me of Hakuna Matata (no worries).
Jesus sang a similar song about problem free philosophies when he crooned, "don't worry about your life, or what you shall eat, is more than these, instead, seek first the Kingdom, then the Bear necessities will added unto you."

Peter Pan is about not having to group up too fast. Collect items for a local Family Shelters.

Disney has a LOT MORE RECENT movies than the ones mentioned in this posting. What about Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Your kids are probably more familiar with them, and they tend to have fewer stereotypes.

<>< Neil

More Than a Movie

Group Publishing has a new book out - More than a Movie, which features a whole theme night based on a movie, many of which are Disney. We used it on our last movie night and it worked really well.

Good luck!


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Neil, Neil, Neil,

You know my feminist hermeneutic too well. I'm the wicked mother that won't let my daughter watch Cinderella and Snow White.

I was thinking more of the monkeys and "I Wanna Be Like You." I read racism into it. If you don't believe me, watch it with that in mind.


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