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This topic is for general teaching ideas on the topic of "GRACE."

If you're looking for a specific Bible story about Grace, there are many! ...and they can be found in our Lesson Forums under that story.

Kicking off the topic is an excerpt from "How to Do Bible Word Studies" which uses "Grace" as an example of how to also find creative ideas when you're doing word studies!

Do your kids know what it means to "Grow in Grace" like Jesus did?

A Bible Word Study of that phrase in Luke 2:40 will reveal some really interesting possibilities you can share and do with your students.

The phrase "grow in grace" is how Luke describes the childhood of Jesus. It is wedged in-between the Manger story and Jesus the Boy in the Temple.

Below are two graphics you can click on to enlarge. They are screenshots from's Luke 2:40 word study page where we learn that the boy Jesus "grew in grace." What does that mean? What "traits" can you grow into in order to grow like Jesus did?  Click the graphics of the Word Study to see the answer!

Grace 1 - The link to the definitions


In addition to the helpful definitions of "grace" that we can grow into, those words also spurred a creative "growing in grace" activity:  potting some "joy," "affection," "gratitude," plants. That's one creative idea from one word. And there are many other words in the passage. 

GraceFlowerPotContinue reading the full "Bible Word Studies" article
for more ideas about how Word Studies can stoke creative thinking...

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