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I need ideas for art projects/crafts for a workshop about Grace (see Romans 3:24-25) being done at a Presbyterian church on Reformation Sunday. I want to illustrate the re-discovery of Grace as a free gift, not something earned through "works." Thanks!

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How about something that looks like a GIFT but jumps out at you like a surprise.
Ok...this isn't artsy, but it is fun and it has what I call "legs" to get it home, get used, and get talked about.

Updated idea:


Everybody loves the "snake springing out of the can" gag. Even if you know it's coming it creates a reaction, laughter, and a big smile.

The can of "salty nuts" could be covered over and marked "grace."  I found six packs of them on Ebay for under $15, so I could have several different "grace gifts" to have the kids open.  You can attach a message to each snake and have the kids read it after it pops out.

I would re-label the snake with the words "Grace, Love, Forgiveness." as not to use the word "snake" in the lesson.

One to illustrate: surprised by grace (that we don't have to earn it).

Another can of Grace is meant to make us happy and full of joy, like the reaction we have when we open it.

Another can: It may seem like a scary thing to open a gift from God, but God loves us. 

Another:  When other people see us embrace and open the gift of grace, they want the gift too. Show it. Share it.

What message -to yourself, to the world, would you like to see coming from God's Grace?  Let's write and attach them to the grace and then reload it.

etc etc


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Neil MacQueen2 (Guest) posted:

How about something that looks like a GIFT.
Ok...this isn't artsy, but it is fun and it has what I call "legs" to get it home, used and talked about.

My daughter was given a birthday gift full of things that sprung out at her when she opened the box. She and her friends spent an hour putting the stuff back in and opening it up all over again. You could have the kids research and write messages that could be attached to the 'spring ups.'

Fun idea! You could make paper popup cards or fold paper springs to put in small boxes. 

Google provides lots of how-to videos. Here's one for paper springs:


Here is a link for popup cards that look like this: 


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