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VBS "He's the Potter"

I came across this VBS called "He's the Potter". For more information check out the followng article on it:  http://www.hogwartsprofessor.c...-bible-school-a-wow/

REVIEW - I took a look at the Harry Potter VBS site and it looks to be a VBS program on the armor of God that just happens to steal the spotlight that comes with the name Harry Potter. It's focus isn't even on the potter and the clay, except for the 'theme song' (Have Thine Own Way, Lord does use the phrase).

From the website:
"The VBS Theme ''He's the Potter... I'm the Clay" has absolutly nothing "really" to do with Harry Potter... It's just a Hot topic theme that we set in a Biblical Setting...Here is why Harry Potter's World is not Biblical...We chose "He's the Potter" theme to attract kids.. get them to your One-Day VBS, and let them know the truth about what the Bible Says.. We are not for any of the ''Harry Potter" craze..."

May the Lord be with us in our writing endeavors!
James 3:1
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"The Gospel According to Harry Potter"

I have been exploring teaching a class based on "The Gospel According to Harry Potter" (by Connie Neal. There was supposed to be a leaders guide coming out this year.)for Jr. High church school and taught a college for kids type class on Harry Potter last summer. Could you share specifics of what you're looking for?

Connie Neal's leaders guide for group use is available. I'm putting together Harry Potter workshops for elementary-d children.

Beth ... while doing some "Harry Potter" research through Google, I came upon an article by a pastor, Larry Shallenberger from Grace Baptist Church in Erie, Pennsylvania entitled "What do with Harry Potter", it can be found on the website, but requires a membership.

Moderator adds, on the Kidology website see two articles, both require membership to view, so can not comment on their content.

What's Up with Harry Potter?

An overview of the world of Harry Potter, along with positives and negatives for parents to consider.

Book Review: The Gospel According to Harry Potter

A Book Review by Larry Shallenberger on The Gospel According to Harry Potter by Connie Neal.

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'Visual Parables'

by Rev. Ed McNulty did an article (movie review) and study guide for the first Harry Potter film in the July, 2002 issue. I believe he also has one for the second movie.

Movie Review

His study guide is found in the book "Faith and Film: A Guidebook for Leaders" by Rev. Ed ward N. McNulty, Westminster John Knox Press, 2007, ISBN-10 : 0664229506, ISBN-13 : 9780664229504.

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VBS "Wizards and Wonders: A Hero's Journey with Harry Potter"

by an Episcopal publishing house curriculum based on the Harry Potter books sold at Leader Resources. A five session program that brings your whole church family together for fun and learning. It's great! Their website is and the phone number is 1-800-941-2218.

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10 lessons based on the first 4 Harry Potter movies.

I haven't seen any recent posts to this, but I wanted to share this information: Diane Venzera wrote a fabulous curriculum called "Lumindorf," which is based on the Harry Potter books. We love them at our Unity church. And she provides all sorts of activities that can be adapted into rotation workshops or vacation Bible school (which we now call "Spirit Camp." Diane Venzera is "a Certified Spiritual Educator, a Licensed Unity Teacher and an Ordained Unity Minister with a focus in Youth & Family ministry."

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