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This topic is for adding ideas and resources for Misc Healing stories that do not already have their own TOPIC in this forum.

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Jairus' Daughter

Free video clip from KidsHubTv, a South Africa teaching ministry.  See all their animated Bible videos at

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Turning old pennies into shiny pennies.

Check out this website:

This is the traditional clean your pennies with vinegar and salt. But it goes on that when you pull them out of the mixture, if you don't rinse them in water, they will turn again.  In our church, we pour water each Sunday to remember our baptism.


Amy Crane




Miracles of Jesus Ideas


Originally posted by member: Krazy For Kidz


(Wormy Note: These ideas can be adapted for various healing miracles.)

We are right in the middle of our Miracles of Jesus Lesson Set right now and just wanted to share what we did with everyone.


Video: We are using the"Miracles of Jesus" Nest video as the base line stories. Every workshop chose a different miracle from the video (5 all together).

Drama - The children are acting out the story of Calming the storm. They make their own sound effects items and special effects, decorate their own boat, make a sail,and then everyone dresses up and climbs in the boat. The teacher narrates and videos the presentation as the children act it out.

Art - The children are focusing on the laying on of hands. They are making their handprints out of plaster of paris and meat trays. The scripture is then written in the wet plaster with a toothpick. Laying Hands on the Sick, of course, was practiced by disciples and Jesus himself, and is still used in various ways in the Church today.  The power of touch/caring, and "being present with the sick", etc.

Bible Skills and Activities - The children are making gift baskets for sick children at our local hospital. Every basket includes a hand made trinket, card, and various little items like stickers and such. The children are then given the opportunity to take them to hospital with the teacher. (She tells them when she will take them during the week and the kids are welcome to meet her at the church to go with for delivery). So far she has had a good response with a handful of kids showing up each time.

Games - They are playing Miracle Mixup where each story is described in seven sentences written on sentence strips. The children are split in to teams and given a set and the team that puts the story in order first wins. They are also playing Miracle Charades.

There you have it. Just a couple ideas to help out everyone who has helped me. Some of the ideas came straight from this website with some minor tweaking.

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VIDEO: Jesus Heals a Man at the Pool of Bethesda

Free video from Crossroads Kids' Club (about 3 minutes long). 

This tells the story of Jesus visiting the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem and healing a man who had been unable to walk for 38 years. This story is found in John 5.

God's Story: Pool of Bethesda from Crossroads Kids' Club on Vimeo.

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