Hilliard Presbyterian Church’s
Sunday School Scope and Sequence

from Kim Trimboli and Neil MacQueen

Please note: this S&S was modified since this original post. We added some things and also added a 6th Year of "no rotation" we call the "Year of Jubilee" (which in the Bible is technically the 7th year, but our rotation list is only 6 years).


This 6th year is intended to break us out of our old and new ruts!  Changing this list and the sequence would definitely happen if for no other reason than we keep thinking and keep creating.

Read Neil's "How to Create a Scope and Sequence" article here at rotation.org which contains a different version of the following schedule of stories.


You can also see Neil's new church's Scope and Sequence here.


Year One:

This particular year begins in the Summer:
(1) Genesis 1 –Creation, with Sabbath focus, (2) Genesis 2: Adam and Eve -the sin of hiding their sin, (3) Other minor stories from Genesis



Call of the Disciples

Paul on the Road to Damascus (call of Paul)

Parable of The Thankful Leper

Advent One: Luke – Mary, Elizabeth, and the Shepherds


Baptism & Temptation of Jesus

The Beatitudes

The Walk to Emmaus

Parable of the Lost Sheep, Coin

Parable of the Good Stewards (Pounds/Talents),

End of Year One Summer: (1) Anointing of David (2) David and Saul (3) David and Jonathan.

Year Two & Five:

(Years Two and Five are similar years in that we have identified certain KEY STORIES/CONCEPTS we want to teach again to the students when they are 3 years older.)


The Ten Commandments

Year Two: Knowing and Following emphasis,
Year Five: “Great Commandment” and select commandments emphasis

Good Samaritan –act on the heart of the law

Advent Year Two: Matthew: Wise Men/People
Advent Year Five: Examining our Christmas culture/traditions


Prodigal Son –what God is like, how we repent, and how we should accept others

Year Two: Daniel in Lion's Den (obeying God)
Year Five: Zaccheus

Year Two: Last Supper and Gethsemane
Year Five: The sequence of Holy Week

Psalm 23

Year Two: Esther
Year Five: Ruth, Naomi, Boaz

Year Two Summer: Summer of Paul” Paul and Lydia, Paul in Philippi jail writing/converting, Paul’s Journeys

Year Five Summer: Creation.... see summer/beginning of year one.

Year Three:


The Birth & Call of Moses (burning bush) -3 weeks

Moses, Pharaoh and the Exodus -3 weeks

Wandering in the Wilderness (complaining, water, manna, Promised Land) -3 weeks

Advent Year Three: John 1 ...in the beginning was the word...


Jesus heals the Man Let Down Through the Roof

Images of the Kingdom of God (mustard seed and pearl).

Trial and Crucifixion

The Story of Pentecost (defining 'Good News' and learning how to share it)

Peter’s Vision of animals on blanket at Caesarea, Peter and Cornelius

Year Three Summer: (1) Elijah -Chariot of fire story with Elisha picking up Elijah's mantle to carry on, (2) Mary, Martha and Lazarus ---two stories with Jesus, 3) Jesus heals: Jairus' daughter, the blind man, and the woman who touches his cloak



Year Four:


Stories of Abraham & Sarah –Call of Abraham first 3 weeks, Sarah/Angels/Isaac story second 3 weeks.

The Story of Joseph

Parable of the Sower

Advent Four: The Prophet Isaiah -The Promise and definition of 'Messiah'


Jesus calms the storm

A Walk on the Water (Peter and Jesus)

The Empty Tomb

The Story of Jonah, the reluctant prophet

Year Four Summer: (1) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, (2) The Widow’s Mite (and the story of what makes a disciple 'great' in God's eyes) (3) Jacob & Esau



Year Five


(See year two which repeats certain key stories and adds a few new ones for year five.)

Year Six

"The Year of Jubilee"
We will do something quite different for Sunday School. Try to incorporate the entire church/program in planning.  Yes, the Year of Jubilee is technically the "7th year" but our kids are only in Rotation for six years.

**Must include a set of lessons recapping the Year Two Exodus Stories.



Other Lesson Subjects to be covered outside of Sunday School:

Subjects to be specifically addressed in “other venues” such as Wednesday Fellowship, Children’s Sermons, special learning times: Baptism, Communion, Prayer, Forgiveness, Questions about Heaven/Hell, why bad things happening to good people, “hearing” God’s voice, Doubting Thomas, Psalm 121, Psalm 8and “other stories & verses.” More to be added here as needed. VBS will cover certain key stories as well.

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