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Many Sunday Schools end in May with the school year. Some take the summer off, while others move into a different "mode" during the summer. Like public schools, there is a tradition in many Sunday Schools to celebrate the "end" of another year of learning.

How do you end your Sunday School year

Whether you call it graduation, promotion or just a party, here are some ideas our members have posted about how they end their year.

Feel free to add yours!

Sheila B., Exchange Gardener

NOTE: This topic is not meant to discuss "Gifts for Teachers."  We have another discussion for that! 


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  • How do you end your Sunday School year
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In our church, each class, beginning with 3 year olds, memorizes something specific, depending on the age/grade. All classes recite/sing their memorized verse or song at a year-end program.

All adults are invited, and refreshments are served.


One year we did a F.R.O.G. party (fully rely on God) and did frog crafts, sang songs, decorated "lily pads" (sugar cookies with green frosting) and drank "swamp juice" . (kool-aid or lemonade w/green food color added)


You could have a D.O.G. party (depend on God) and invite a canine unit, dog obedience school demonstration, or seeing eye/helping paws training program to be the "program". This would tie in really well with learning, service, faithfulness, etc.


Have fun and enjoy being creative!
Jan Snell

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Take a photo/print of each kid with their group of teachers/leaders --teachers all have funny hats and eyeball glasses, kids wear costumes from your drama kit posing as a famous character from one of the year's stories.


Kids create a frame as an art project for the pictures. Include a hanger and send home.

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What a great idea!

I am a strong believer in rites of passage; our culture has lost that and it is too bad.

I would recommend creating a statement or liturgy that could be used to acknowledge the foundations the young people have gained in their early years, that they can now build on as they move to a new phase of life and continue to grow in "wisdom and understanding".


You may want to present a certificate, pin, or some other tangible item.


It would be most appropriate for this to happen as a part of the worship service so that the entire congregation has the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the students.


Jan Snell

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We held a "graduation" for the young ones who "next fall" would be "graduating" into our Rotation Model.


Their teacher and the pastor led the young ones and their parents over to a tour of the workshops. We had a few of the workshop teachers there. In the final workshop we had a "graduation cake" and some of the older students serving.


Of course, the young ones were familiar with some of the workshops, but we felt it was an appropriate sign for kids and parents to remember and enjoy.


We did something similar for our older elementary who were moving on to the youth class.

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More suggestions...

Posted by Cara Noren 

Hi there! This past year we did a 30 minute "What We Learned" scavenger hunt with all of our kids. looking for things related to all our stories from the year. We had the kids line up by height and then we made groups up of different ages (so older could help lead younger). 

Posted by Ann88 

We held a giant gameshow review with all sorts of wacky ways to get and answer questions, challenges, messes, and of course, bizarre prizes.


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Last year was our first full year on the rotation model. Our closing day was set-up with 7 different stations. The students were given a bag (advertising for VBS) and they rotated from station to station.


At each station the did an activity or craft to remind them of the Bible stories they had learned that year. They also got a simple "goody" to take with them in their bag, along with a business card with that story's Bible verse. One of the students said it was so much fun, even better than trick-or-treating! I plan on doing this at the end of each year.

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We have started the tradition now of using our last rotation of the year to produce a video. The kids love being in front of the camera and we incorporate it as a lesson.


Then after the last week, I take it home, run a soundtrack under it and edit it, then burn it on a VideoCD. The next week, we make popcorn and let them watch it. Then on Rally Day, we show it to the entire congregation.




One church did this video idea by creating 8 different activity stations representing the 8 stories they had learned that year, and then having all the kids RUN to each station, and do a RAPID LESSON led by a teach who talked a mile-a-minute. We did it once, and then challenged the kids to do it faster.  The videotape of that was quite fun.

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I have done a "Bible Game-O-Rama" on the last day. I had many games going on at once, all used to review the rotations for the past year. I also had some activities going for the pre-school not in rotation. Bible jeopardy, wheel of fortune, relay races, other team games. We gave out trinkets as prizes, kinda handed them out like candy to keep a non-competitive feel going. You need several people to man all the games at once. The kids had fun realizing all that they had learned over the past year.

We are doing "Bible Baseball" outside this year. I have done this inside and it was a huge hit.


Here's how..

Here's what you need: Bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd and home plate), dice (large - I made mine from a styrophome dice).

Set up your bases just as you would for a game of baseball.

If the child rolls a:

1 - First base question
2 - Second base question

Depending on the base in which they roll for is the difficulty of the question. Any questions, email me.

Instead of doing hot dogs which are usually done at a baseball game, we have our SKC at 9:30 am in the morning. So, we will be serving pigs in a blanket on a stick (like a corndog). These can be purchased at Sams Club.

Nancy Smile

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We finish the Sunday school year with a congregational picnic following a Sunday-school-led worship service (end of June to coincide with the end of the Canadian school year).  All of the hymns, readings, prayers, etc. are ones we used in Sunday school that year.  We try and have at least one thing from every rotation.  The message portion of the service connects directly to one of the lessons used, frequently a dramatic presentation of some sort.  When possible, leadership for the service comes from our Sunday school kids.  We have a couple of weeks of Sunday school where our focus with the older children is planning the service, which also serves as a review of the different rotations we did over the year.  They tell us which stories and/or lessons were most important/memorable for them and we go from there.  When the weather cooperates, we hold the service outside.

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