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HOW do your children know where to go on Sunday?  Here's a discussion about that.


Your signage solution will depend on your building and schedule. 


You can see some signs and hallway displays in the "Signage and Hallways" page in our Photo Album.





Our children will report directly to their assigned workshop each week.  Worship is AFTER Sunday School.


Right now, we use a centrally-located large bulletin board to tell them the room/workshop they will be in for that week.

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We have started using "passports" which the kids get stamped in the room for attendance. They are color coded by class. You can then post the color next to the room they are going to.

I have also seen a church that gave each class an animal code and put a picture of that animal next to the room location each week.


We have a bulletin board as well...but have a volunteer "Travel Agent," sit at a desk in the hallway. 


Initially we had passports that got stamped in each class...but no longer use them. (too much for kids to keep up with).

I like having someone at the desk to welcome the children, help get them to the right location. And it especially helps with out visitors. The children get registered, the parents can be given full info about the program and the children are taken to their workshop.

This travel agent also helps gathering the attendence data.

We gather all of the children together in one room for a welcome and then make sure each child gets connected with his/her shepherd.That way no one is left with "panicky moments" if they are not sure where to go or what to look for. It is especially helpful in the beginning of the year for the first graders, whose reading skills are pretty shaky at that point.

I love the idea of a "travel agent"!


We also have posters placed so that so matter which hallway students/parents go down, they will find the schedule for that day.


That is also helpful for adults pciking up children.


Finally, the schedule is printed in the bulletin each week, and is also on our web site, so kids and adults can check the location of the week before Sunday. I have the weekly schedule for the whole unit on the web site.

Hope that helps!
Jan Snell

We have a big piece of foamboard with the ages and their color velcroed to the the workshop they are to go to. When they come in we have blankets (in their color again!) Also at each workshop area is a felt banner with their color on it. SO if they know their color they know where to go. AND we have a schedule called "Where are the kids today?" in the bulletin each week.
we have a weekly scheduled posted on a large bulletin board located at the entrance to our education wing. The age groups are color coded with colored "worms" The children look to find their color on the schedule and then look for that color "worm" on the door. Names tags are also color coded. The teachers receive a monthly schedule so they will know which age group to expect in advance - but they don't reveal it to anyone in advance so there is an air of surprise each Sunday for the children.
I use a blue vinyl pocket chart hung on a bulletin board and color code our groups with the colors of the rainbow from youngest to oldest (kindergarten is red and 5th grade, violet). I also list the rooms in the bulletin each week so parents are reminded in worship where to find their kids. Outside each room is a colored cross that matches the color for each class, and these are moved each week.
We have a real door, set in a free-standing frame. When you open the door, there is a solid panel with the Workshop names on the left. We move laminated cards wtih the grade levels on them beside the Workshop that grade will attend. The cards are attached with velcro. The kids are excited to get to open the door and see where they are going!

Our first sign was velcro & cardboard. One of our more "artsy" folks in the church made it and all the little signs, then they could just be changed week to week. It worked well for a while, but the pieces got pretty beat up after a while.

We now have a signboard using the WRM logo on top that was done on PVC signboard by a sign company. Then they attached nameplate holders, and I had them print nameplates - one set for age groups and one set for room titles.  For special "big groupings" for which we don't have a pre-printed nameplate, I just print one on my computer.


So I just slide the nameplates in and out to change the classes, and since I ordered a variety of age groupings, I can mix that up too when we have a day where two classes go to the theater or everyone has a drama day together. I think I spent about $200 on the setup at FastSigns, but I'm not sure about that number.

Here is sign we had made...




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