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Rejection at Nazareth and Wedding at Cana - Matthew 13:53-58, Luke 4:20-30. John 2:1-11.

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Water into Wine...

I looked through a number of Magic webpages/online forums on the subject and there's only one very complicated chemical using way to do it -OTHER THAN using sleight of hand.

One magician described putting a large folded hankerchief over a glass of water. The corner of the kerchief had been soaked in red food coloring and dried beforehand. The corner dangled in the water behind the outstretched kerchief as it was laid on the glass. Kids examined the kerchief before it was placed over glass (the "nothing up my sleeve" moment).

I came across a number of discussions about the "problem" of demonstrating miracles as magic tricks. Something to carefully consider and explain to children.

I did a magic trick making the bitter water sweet (from Exodus story, posted at this website) and it was very well received. However, after doing the trick and entertaining "how did he do it" -I explained the trick to the kids and briefly discussed the difference between miracle and trick. I encouraged them to do the trick at home (retelling the story to others).

Discussion Idea:



Show a "common thing" (like water) and ask "how they turned into wine" ...."Something that signals God's Kingdom".  Then show the picture's pair.



A small amount of money -> turning into a meal for a family.

A pair of hands turning into praying hands.

One child  ->, two children hugging.

A seed -> a vegetable garden in the inner city

A stack of paper -> a printed Bible.

A glass of water -> Given to a thirsty man

A hand -> two hands praying


Have children search through magazines and clip "common things" and be prepared to tell us a story of how they could be used to become WATER INTO WINE SIGNS.

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Book Idea


I have a book called, Show Me! Devotions For Leaders to Teach Kids, by Susan Lingo, published by Group. This is a book of science-based devotions that I have used several times.

It has two possibilities in it you could use. One called "The Amazing Water to Wine Trick", and another called "Changed Forever".

They also suggest that you show the kids how the trick was done, so they can go home and share it with their family!!

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Using Food Coloring


Get a clear glass with a slight indentation in the bottom. (Most wine glasses are perfect). Drop in one or two drops of red food coloring and let it dry. The indentation in the bottom of the glass usually hides the food coloring better than you'd think. For added insurance, make sure you set the glass down on a red surface and any color they detect will appear to be reflected light.

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