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Inspirational and Conversation-starting Advent Video Clips

Here are the four inspirational and conversation-starting Advent video clips recommended for home and teaching use in Advent for ages 8 and up and particularly chosen for older children and for sharing with adults. Click the icon on any video toolbar to view the videos fullscreen. You can also click the YouTube link to view them there.

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1. "O Holy Night" as sung by the group "GENTRI"

The video features the 3 tenors of the "gentlemen trio" known as "Gentri" singing a soaring version of "O Holy Night" as a thought-provoking story plays out onscreen of one family's Christmas-time encounter with a Jesus-figure in the streets and at a shelter. What would Jesus want us to focus on this Christmas? The answer is clear.

  • What do the words of the song and images in the video say about our traditions and the meaning of Christmas?
  • Who are the people in your community, neighborhood, and family that are in need of some  Christmas hope and help?
  • What are your plans to share Jesus' message of hope and help this Christmas season?

2. "Mary Did You Know" as sung by rapper CeeLo Green

"Mary Did You Know" has become a new Christmas classic in churches and on playlists. This beautifully sung version by rapper CeeLo features video from the movie, (CeeLo was one of the original stars on The Voice.) The Bible (includes fleeting scenes from the crucifixion that young children may have questions about).

Alternative: Clay Aiken's version of the same song using video from another Jesus film.

  • WHAT do you think Mary knew about Jesus?  Was it important for her to understand everything about God's plan?
  • Do YOU have to know everything about Jesus to believe in him?
  • What questions for God do you think Mary asked as Jesus grew older? When he died?

3. What is Advent? Gangnam style!

This short clip asks "what are we waiting for?" It begins with some fun images set to a short sample of "Gangnam style" which was a worldwide hit song back in the day.

The video says that Advent is a time to "welcome Jesus into your heart" and "change."

  • What does it mean to welcome Jesus into your heart?
  • What in your life needs to change?  (attitudes, behaviors, priorities, etc.)

4. Revelation Song

Revelation Song was written and performed by the pastor trio of Phillips, Craig, and Dean. The song is set to images from Christ's birth and life as portrayed in the movies The Nativity Story (2006), The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (2003), and The Passion of the Christ (2004, BBC).

  • Praise to the King of Kings, You are my everything, and I will adore you.
    What in your Christmas celebrations helps you "adore" and "praise" the King of Kings?
  • What things could you do to increase your feelings of adoration and praise this season?

5. Bonus Video!

We created this 1-minute inspirational video on Isaiah 40:3-5 "Prepare the Way!"

Share it online or in worship with the question:

  • What have been the mountains, valleys, and rough places for you this year?
  • What are you planning to do differently this Advent season to prepare your heart to celebrate the birth of your Savior?

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