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In a lesson about Daily Life in Jesus' time we wanted to do something about the currency. We are wondering whether anyone knows where we could get samples of Israeli currency in Canada (ie. dinars, shekels, etc.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Heidi! Check the magazine "Biblical Archeology." Occasionally there are ads to buy coins or replicas. If that doesn't work, check local museums for displays and do a field trip.

Some Biblical atlas' have pictures of coins.

Good Luck!

Julie Burton
DCE - 1st Presbyterian Church, Sapulpa Ok

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What did we do before the Internet?
This took some digging but there are two sets of replicas being offered by the CHARLTON MINT that look EXACTLY like the ones my mother gave me as a teenager.

The set of replica Coins of the Bible my mother gave me years ago are made out of pewter and sold under the name "Coins of the Bible" (set two). Made by DORY DUPLICATES E & D SHEET METAL P.O.Box 546, Salem, NY 12865 21 Blanchard Street, Salem, NY 12865
518-854-7613(+fax) - Pewter Reproductions 518-854-3716(+fax)- Industrial and Residential E-Mail: (updated)

Look like Charlton Mint may own them now.

You can also BUY an actual Widow's Mite for about $24 on the web from a licensed coin dealer.
<>< Neil MacQueen

2020 Update: Dory Duplicates.... is now called Dory Development and their website is I updated their email address above also.

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