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This topic thread is for posting general lessons, ideas and resources for teaching about Jeremiah.  If you have a complete set, start a new topic.

Jeremiah isn't often taught by Rotation Sunday Schools. This is because we tend to "have to" focus on the "major" stories of the Bible for children. Teaching each for 4 to 5 weeks in a row over a 4 or 5 year period often means we don't have time to cover "non-Major" stories or persons. What is considered "major" is left to the individual church.

Read about developing a "Scope and Sequence" for a Rotation church.

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We did a Jeremiah rotation for our Wednesday night program, not for our Sunday School. Some of my lessons are posted in the other thread associated with this topic.  

About half of our lessons were about Jeremiah in particular. The other half are about prophets in general, and what it means to be "prophetic" in our day. We pulled in extra information from our church's justice and witness ministries.



Art idea for Jeremiah

I just saw a video effect that reminded me of a very effective art project --embossing on "brass" or "copper" sheets. These thin sheets are available in art catalogs/stores.

You lay them on a piece of felt and use wooden stick to press a pattern and words into the sheet. The words must be pressed/spelled right to left to appear correct when the brass is turned over (the side you want to show after all is said and done).

Older students can write on the back side of the sheet (right to left) and emboss everything EXCEPT the letters ...for a very interesting effect when flipped over.

God wants to "IMPRESS" the Law on our heart.
What is that Law? - Love God, Love Neighbor.
That would be the thing to write. They could illustrate those too. (hearts)

Use hole punch to punch holes around border. Spiral thread yarn around-through holes to make colorful edge. Leave extra yarn for hanging.

<>< Neil

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