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This idea was originally posted by member Desoto Presbyterian.

Jesus, Light of the World
Art Lesson

Students will make a stained glass window using a transparency and piece of colored cellphone to let God's light shine through.

Read Isaiah 9:6-7
John 1: 1-8
John 8:12
Matthew 5: 14-16

Review with the children God’s covenant, or promise that he will always be our God and always be with us. Ask what we promise back to God. (To be God’s people and to live our lives in ways that shows His presence.) Ask the children what God’s word is. Tell them that Jesus is God’s word. Jesus’ life shows us how to live; His life lights our path to show us how we should live.

Read John 8:12 again. Tell the children that God uses light to help us understand His plan for us. Jesus came at a time of darkness to be the light, to show us how we should live and treat other people.


  • In what ways can we let God’s love in out hearts shine through?
  • How can we be a light for someone else’s path?
  • Discuss the beauty of light shining through colored glass. Ask if anyone has been to a cathedral or a church with stained glass window. Show the art example in from of the window.

Tell the children that we will be making a stain glass window to let God's light shine through them.

1. Give out the black poster board squares, approximately 9" x 12".

2. Fold the stock in half. and cut out the center part so that when unfolded you have a black frame (1" wide).

3. Dribble a thin line of glue around the border and place a TRANSPARENCY on top to create a window.

4. Begin cutting colorful pieces of cellophane in various shapes and arranging them on the transparency.

Leave an uncovered area of clear transparency (or use yellow cellophane) to act as a ray of light across the windows. Cut pieces of cellophane to represent Jesus, or a dove, or a cross or other symbol.

Have each student also cut out a shape that represents THEM. Place it to receive the ray of light.

Once students have arranged their pieces of cellophane, have them share it with the teacher and others for their suggestions.

5. Using decoupage glue (thin brushable glue) and a small art brush, lift up each piece of cellophane one by one and brush a little bit of glue and replace it back on your window. You do not need a lot of glue. Do this for each piece. Finish your Light of the World Window by pressing all the pieces flat and let it begin to dry (about 10 minutes)

Sing a song and/or clean up, then come back to the drying projects and have the class walk around the table to look at each one for "Show N Tell" by the student. Ask a few questions.

Staple a piece of yarn to each frame, and as you do, ask the students WHERE in their lives they can let God's love shine through them. Suggest specific scenarios.

Have the children say the Bible verse together. (Should be displayed on the board.)
Pray together.

Original Post

The following idea and pic was copied from a post in the Isaiah 9 lesson forum. The idea can be used for "light of the world" as well.

Isaiah 9 "Great Light" light switch plate

Isaiah 9:2 "The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light..." 

Plastic plate switches are really inexpensive and decorating them can make a great semi-permanent home reminder. Draw with permanent markers (instead of paint) or paint pens (if you have time and a blow dryer to hasten dry time), --leaving white areas of the plate on which to paint glow in dark paint (which illuminates brighter when it is placed on a white background).  Write all of the phrase from the verse with pen, but apply some glow in the dark around it.

The following image inspired the Isaiah 9 idea above. Nice project but in the photo, the blue must have been painted on ahead of time. Glow in the dark stars are easy to find.


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