Canceling Your Membership, Unsubscribing from our Email News

How to Unsubscribe from our Email News 
How to Cancel Your Membership 

If you have a free "Registered" non-supporting membership...

Then, simply post the word "unsubscribe" below.

We'll see it and delete your registration and info, --which will also stop the emails. enews is a condition of membership.)

If you have not logged in and don't remember your log-in info, you can reply as a "guest" -just include the email address you subscribed with.

If you have a technical issue or questions, email

If you are a Supporting Member you have several cancellation options...

a Supporting Member!

To stop all emails and immediately CANCEL your Supporting Membership, do this:

Post "Cancel My Supporting Membership" below. 

This will alert us to the fact that you understand you want to immediately cancel access and emails, regardless of how much time you have left on your annual supporting membership. This will also stop auto-renew on your supporting membership transaction.

Please note: No refund will be given and all your membership info and log-in permission will be deleted. You are welcome to re-register at any time. This will immediately remove all your profile info and access from our site (except any content you have posted).  It has always been up to you to manage your account, read email alerts we send you, and turn off auto-renewal. 

To stay registered as a free member, and cancel ONLY your Supporting Membership, do this:

You must manually turn off the "auto renew" feature to your supporting membership by going into your membership status page. This will set your supporting membership to expire on its one year anniversary of your payment and your membership will revert to a free Registered Membership. You'll continue to receive our emails as a condition of your registered membership. 

To keep your Supporting Membership on "auto-renew" and simply stop receiving some emails from us, do this:

-- Open your Profile control panel by clicking your Name on the blue nav bar above, and click "Notifications." There you can choose which types of email communications you receive from our site. We do not recommend you opt-out of administrative communications.  Here is the direct link to your Profile Control Panel's notifications options.

See also: Supporting Member FAQs and Transaction Help

Reminder: uses Social Strata's  "FeePod" creditcard transaction services. You will see FEEPOD on your CREDITCARD STATEMENT when you become a Supporting Member.

  If you no longer see your request, it means we took care of it. 


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Original Post

Dear friends,

Thanks for reminding me about not logging in to your wonderful site. Yes for a long time I could't concentrate on many things due to many urgent need of help in my family. Even now I am helping my daughter in taking care of her and her son as they both have health problems. I am sure Our Lord Jesus will help me to once again actively involve in Children's ministry. But I never forget the wonderful workshop done by you in Chennai where I live.

May the Lord bless your ministry more and more.

Pauline David.

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