Miscellaneous Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Teaching Joshua and Jericho in Sunday School.

Post your Miscellaneous lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for teaching Joshua and Jericho in Sunday School.

Joshua, Battle of Jericho, Joshua 6, etc.
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By Luanne Payne


  • "Joshua/Rahab Flip-Over-Book" (Little Bible Heroes Series), by Victoria Kovacs, B&H Kids, 2015. (Ages 1-4)
  • "Joshua and the Fall of Jericho" (Arch Series); Sara Low, Concordia, 2017, 9780758657343. (Ages 5-9)
  • "An Unexpected Hero: A Bible Story About Rahab", by Rachel Spier Weaver, Anna Haggard, Harvest House Publishers, 2019, 978073697373. (Ages 3-7)
  • "Rahab's Red Rope" (A Reason For Reading), 9781589380455.

Story Bibles

  • "My Frist Study Bible" (Revised), by: Paul Loth, Thomas Nelson, 2011, 9781400316908.  Joshua Starts on Page 79.
  • "The Young Learner’s Bible", Mary Manz Simon, Standard, 2002, 0784712778. Starts on page 78 - The Silky Red Rope - Bible story with activities, games, songs, and rhymes for younger children.
  • "Children’s Bible in 365 Stories", Mary Batchelor, Cook, 1998, 0745930689. Pg. 91 - #76- Secret Mission, #77- The Red Cord


  • "Wiggly Giggly Bible Learning Centers for Preschoolers", Group, 2000, ISBN: 0764421573.
  • "Wiggly Giggly Bible Stories OT Preschoolers", Group, 2000, 9780764421457.
    Both OUT OF PRINT, but I've noted for those that may have it, copies may also still be found on amazon. Both books contain story, music, game and snack ideas.

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