Computer Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Teaching the Story of Joshua, including the Conquest of Canaan - Fall of Jericho, in Sunday School.

Post your computer lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for teaching the Story of Joshua, including the Conquest of Canaan - Fall of Jericho, in Sunday School.

Joshua, Battle of Jericho, Joshua 6, etc.
Bible lessons and ideas about Joshua -with Computer, Software, Interactive Stories, Games, etc.
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Software Suggestions: 

"Fall of Jericho" by Sunday Software - isn't about the Walls of Jericho, but you write questions that go with the topic and the graphics reinforce the story and it's connectedness to the Exodus. 

I've put together a 36 question set in "Fall of Jericho" covering the following 3 stories:

  • Rabah/2 spies
  • crossing of the Jordan/Stones
  • Fall of Jericho.

This question set works with Fall of Jericho CD and is ATTACHED at the bottom of this post. 

Review:  On Sunday we had 10 children ages 4-11 spread between the 4 computers. An older child sat at each computer to play, as well as, read the questions/answers for their group.   Also note: as we had children who had missed previous Joshua workshops we did review the story with discussion and a children's book prior to starting the game. 

The 11 year old on the computer next to me said, "This is the coolest game ever, can we play it again!" This was after only 5 minutes into the game and he was the reader for that group and also it was his first visit to our church!

"Play and Learn Children's Bible CD" by Sunday Software

it has this story in it. Windows Me/XP/Vista only.  Great for Pre-Kind through to Grade 2 - See next post for lesson plan by Wendy in Roch.

Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD (Sunday Software)

Joshua 24:15  
"As for me and my house, we shall follow the Lord." 

If ever there was a memory verse, there you go.

 In Cal and Marty, allow the KIDS to edit=in the verse! They can also add a comment and three question quiz.

Kid Pix (Sunday Software)

Again, take your memory verse and illustrate it in a program like Kid Pix to hammer it home.   The program will read back text (scripture) that is typed.

"Glo Bible" or "Ilumina Bible" (out of print)

If you have a good Bible software program, such as Ilumina (out of print) or the GLO Bible, you could show the route, landscape and scenes in Jericho.  The town is strategically located at the north end of the Dead Sea along trade routes. It sits at the bottom of the Road to Jerusalem, aka, Road to Jericho. 


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Computer Workshop for preschool-2nd

Summary of Lesson Activities: 

Uses the Play and Learn CD. (Note: doesn't work on Windows 7 or 8)

Scripture References:

Joshua 1:1-9 & Joshua 6:1-16, 20

Lesson Objectives:
1. Be able to find the story in the Bible
2. Know that Joshua trusted in God to keep him safe
3. Know that God will be with us as we encounter all that life has for us.
4. Know that God’s power is greater than any other power we may encounter

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Explore the software.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Play and Learn (Sunday Software) 


Opening-Welcome and Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Use the Play and Learn CD

Click on Start
Click on Program
Click on Chariot Media
Click on Play and Learn
Click on Bible Stories
Click on God Helps People
Click on the Walls of Jericho
The students will be asked if they would like the story read to them.
Click on Yes.


First Page:

1. What sometimes had a wall, a moat and another wall?

Some cities

2. How long did it probably take for Joshua’s army to march around the city wall?

25-35 minutes

Second Page (need to find both question marks to get both answers)

3. How big were the walls sometimes?

Big enough to have room in them
20 feet thick and over 25 feet hig

Third Page: (questions 4 & 5 in same question mark, there are only 2 question marks with different answers)

4. On the 7th day, how many times did Joshua lead his army around the city.

6 times

5. What happen on the 7th time around?

The people shouted
The wall fell down

6. What was on to of the walls, and could see for miles?

Soldiers on guard

Fourth Page

7. What is the horn called, what is it made from?

Shofar, from an animals horn

8. Jericho is 800 feet below sea level, so how is summer the in Jericho.

Very, very hot

As time permits, provide the second graders with bibles and have them work on the questions from the Fall of Jericho.


End the Session with Prayer:

God our Father,
Through Abraham, Sarah and now Joshua we are now learning that nothing is impossible when we turn to you. Help us to trust in you and other. All this we ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

A lesson written by Wendy In Roch from: Glory to God Lutheran Church
Rochester, MN

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