June 2017 Newsletter
"A Sunday School ministry like no other"

1. Recently Posted

♦ New Art Workshop photos,

♦ A Supporting Member has posted printable labels for the Peter Do You Love Me? Mission Workshop project (Supporting Membership required to view).

♦ We've updated the "how to download a YouTube video" article. We also added more "how-to" pics and an instructional video for how to play media from your smartphone or tablet to your TV

♦ In the "Help, I need..." Member Lounge, members are discussing:
  - Preschoolers in a Rotation Sunday School
  - Handlebag Puppets
  - Painting with Alcohol Inks

 Feel free to post your lesson and resources questions in the Help Lounge.


2. New from the Writing Team

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

A lesson set about Grace & Gratitude

This set has several new workshop twists:

  • A Drama workshop that uses a music video and requires no speaking.
  • A Mission workshop that's also an Art Workshop.
  • A "Writing Arts" workshop that can also be a Computer workshop.
  • A "Take 'N Bake" Cooking workshop to prompt acts of gratitude at home.

Registered and Supporting Members can read the Bible Background and Lesson Summary. Supporting Members can read the lessons. Our Writing Team's extra awesome lesson sets are in addition to all our public forum lessons and ideas. Become a Supporting Member today!

WT Renovation Progress Report

We can see the finish line of our three year Writing Team lesson set re-writing project. We have about 8 more sets to go, and then we'll tackle new stories. 

The writing and editing has been led by members Luanne Payne and Neil MacQueen, with contributions from our Board members and previous WT members. Our goals have been to produce lessons that raised the standard of creativity, provided more details for teachers, explored new techniques and resources, had better age adaptations, and offered more teacher friendly Bible backgrounds. 

Funded by and accessible to our Supporting Members, the WT's sets are THE major benefit to those who support our site. Check out the WT Lesson Menu.

3. Website Feature Notes

Did you know you have 60 minutes to edit your post?

That's the max our forum software allows. After 60 minutes, only moderators can edit a post, ...which they sometimes do to correct to improve clarity.  If you want to edit your post after 60 minutes, contact us by posting a request in the topic, or emailing

Did you know you can attach images, documents, and video clips?

Just click "Add Attachments" near the bottom of the reply window and select what you want to post from your computer. Size is not a concern. Attach away!

Did you know Supporting Members can "Private Message" other members at the site?

This is a great way to contact a member about their posted lesson ideas, or contact a Board Member. All you need to do is click your NAME on the blue nav bar atop any screen, then click Private Messages to open up our messaging system. Click "start a new private message."  Visit your Private Message Center.      

Supporting Members can also directly email any member  by clicking a member's Screen name. These are two of the many benefits you receive when you sign up to be a supporter of!

4. Three (more) reasons your Volunteer Board keeps smiling

(i) We're getting ready to celebrate's 20th Birthday! Next month, we'll be asking for stories from members about "what has meant to your ministry," so get your thinking caps on. 

(ii) We're also working on long-range plans for the "New Writing Team" to be announced early 2018 --after our three year WT Renovation Project comes to a close.

(iii) Like Beach Wormy at the top of this newsletter, we hope you find your "beach" this summer, whatever it may be. Wherever you go, take your Bible with you. Nobody does "re-charging" like the Holy Spirit.

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