Okay so I'm curious. How many of you out there have a time where you get all the kids from the workshops together and have a group session?


What do you do during that time?

How long does it last?
How is it an important part (or optional part) to Rotation Model?




Neil posted:


Some Rotation churches have schedules that allow them to do 20 minutes of "gathering time" (songs, story, worship elements) prior to going to Workshops.  Some churches don't have that much time in their schedule.


The down side of trying to do BOTH Gathering and workshops happens when you don't have enough time.   Workshop lessons in the Rotation Model need a minimum of 40 minutes to develop.


Other Rotation churches fill the "gathering time" need by picking special Sundays to convene such a group.  Some Rotation churches schedule a special "all group" workshop at the end of certain rotations for review and worship. 



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On 5th Sundays (about 4 times a year), we have a kids Praise and Worship service during the Sunday School Hour.


This may not be exactly like what others call "Gathering Time".  Ours is definitely a worship service.


The children fill the roles of ushers, praying, and some of the kids have played the piano for offering, sang a special etc. Our pastor gives a devotion on one of the rotations we've just completed. Our teenagers lead the praise music and sit among the kids and help provide some high energy. Usually we do some kind of review of the rotations just completed.

Usually on "low attendance" Sundays (the Sunday after Christmas, the Sunday after Easter and Sundays between Memorial day and Pentecost, when the calendar is such) we will plan a whole group (pre-school-youth) activity.


We usually will have a story, craft and video (or snack)depending on the topic. We have found this is a great way for the older youth to pair up with a younger student. We usually try to tie it into the current rotation, but sometimes it's a theme.

Last year we combined our rotation classes (at that time kindergarten - 5th grade)into one group for all of May's Pentecost rotation. In this case we did a different workshop each week, but only needed one teacher per week. It worked out very well!

We do a large group activity several times a year and call it "Shepherd's Pie Day".

The activities are primarily review games that are fun and interactive; think "game show".


There is usually lots of candy involved, or some other little prizes, a "host" and "contestants" who volunteer and represent their "team". (usually a grade level)
The children love it and look forward to it.

Sometimes we will have a special activity that is related to the season, and once per year our fifth graders plan and lead a worship service for their parents and the rest of the Sunday School.
Jan Snell

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