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Pentecost is May 23rd

See our special collection of at-home and in-class ideas and lessons for celebrating the birth of the church and renewing power of the Spirit this May and early June.

Easier At-Home & Back-In-Class Lessons from

Lots of great lessons and ideas for teaching and sharing this spring and summer.

Sunday School "After" the Pandemic

Rebuilding, relaunching, rethinking. The challenges, trends, and resources.
Join our discussion and view resources.

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Every drop counts!

We've added a quick donation feature at that lets guests and members donate $5 "cups of coffee" in appreciation and support of a lesson, resource, or topic.

Highlights from our "Jesus and Zaccheus" Lesson Set

ZaccheusHere are three highlights from our Writing Team's new Zaccheus lesson set. Each lesson in the set comes with age-range, "easy," and "at-home" options!

  1. A "Fig Smoothie" Cooking Workshop. (Yes, the tree in the story was a fig tree!)
  2. A Video lesson that uses free online video clips and a special set of Zaccheus Story Illustration Cards.
  3. Drama and Game activities that work in any setting with any age group.

See the Zaccheus Lesson Set Summary

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