June 2019 from Rotation.org 

Introducing Rotation.org's Newest Feature

Printable Teacher Training Handouts!

in our updated and expanded "Paste in My Hair" Teacher & Leader Resource Forum

The first four one-page handouts for Teachers & Leaders
are ready to be printed.

 Why You Should Volunteer to Teach in Sunday School

-- a list of reasons and encouragements to share with teachers and prospects.

Teacher "Be-attitudes"

Be on time, Be prepared, Be joyful..., Be a Listener... Be an Example... (and more)
with questions to ask yourself about your teaching style.
...a printable, shareable excerpt from our Teacher Be-attitudes Training Event.

"Low Hanging Fruit"

...how to glean creative teaching ideas straight from the scripture text itself.
A printable, shareable excerpt from our full "Low Hanging Fruit" article.

What Would Jesus Ask?

...classroom discussion questions for every lesson.
Includes a shareable graphic of kid-friendly discussion questions
and a reminder to keep Jesus in all our lessons. 

Coming soon:

 How to Do a Bible Word Study

...that will also STOKE your creative thinking.
A resource for volunteers.

*Paste in My Hair*
 was the original name of our teacher blog which we've now revised and thrown open to all supporting and registered members thanks to a contribution from supporting church First Presbyterian of Birmingham Michigan and our supporting members. 

These PDFs are designed to be emailed or printed and given to your teachers,. Each can also spur group discussion. Several of the first handouts, have links back to longer, more detailed versions for teachers who want to know more.

Use them in your next Christian Education Team Meeting too!

Members of your Rotation.org Volunteer Board supervise and contribute to every great resource that goes out with the name of "Rotation.org" on it.
We're thrilled to do it because we're teachers too.

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