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Hey Joni.

Here's the direct link to our Joseph Forum: https://www.rotation.org/forum/joseph

Here's the Navigation How to:

  1. Click "LESSONS & RESOURCES FORUMS" on the top blue navigation bar. That takes you to a list of the Books of the Bible, as well as, other Resource forums. 
  2. Slide down the list of Books to find Genesis and click it.
  3. Slide down to "Joseph" and click Joseph to see all our Joseph topics.

Our Joseph forum has quite a lot. You'll see there there's at least one full lesson set about the Coat of Many Colors.  Joseph is an enormous story, so some lesson ideas many not apply to the Coat.

Hi, @Joni!

are you wondering what lesson set to use after you teach about Joseph and the coat of many colors for a month or so? 

There are no rules with rotation model Sunday school. Although often people follow that story with the rest of Joseph's story (usually listed as Joseph Egypt and found ar the same Joseph link Neil gave above). 

Here is an article about planning your scope and sequence:  https://www.rotation.org/forum/...post-your-plans-here


Hi Joni,

It can be overwhelming to figure out how to teach the stories you feel are most important and in what order. We developed our scope and sequence as a guide for our first year but have tweaked it a LOT since then.

At our church, for the bigger stories -- Moses, Joseph, Paul, Peter, David -- we do rotation series -- several months in a row teaching and building upon the last. So for example with Joseph, we teach two rotations -- Joseph and his Brothers and Joseph in Egypt. It is still a VERY big story! For Moses we teach FOUR rotations -- Moses' early life and burning bush, Plagues and Passover, Ten Commandments and Worship in the Wilderness (tabernacle, ark of covenant). For individuals -- such as Peter, Paul and David, we begin the story in late spring and do a summer series on them. Of course, attendance is lower then, but it has worked pretty well for us.

Let us know if you have other questions! Blessings on your new journey!



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