While looking for resources to help plan activities around the life of Christ, I discovered a helpful book.

The Time of Jesus, Lion, 1998, ISBN 0745940803. OUT OF PRINT - try amazon.com

While the book is considered a book of crafts, it's much more. The brief Bible stories are coupled with information about what "swaddling cloth" is, for example. Then ideas are provided for letting individual children or groups of children make swaddling cloth -- with colorful photos for assistance. Scripture references are even included.

It's a great book to have in a Rotation resource library.

Description Your kids will experience the story of Jesus like never before with these fascinating projects! Big, bold photographs and easy-to-follow instructions explain how to make crafts that re-create everyday life in the time of Jesus---a writing tablet, scroll, purse and coins, sandals, flatbread, children's board game, and much more. Ages 8 and up. 64 pages.
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another excellent resource is Marketplace, 29 AD. this is usually a VBS curriculum but in has lots of shops and activities that were done in the time of Jesus.

Marketplace 29AD: author has retired and is no longer in print. But, Group will be including his ideas and lesson style in future VBS material.

The first is Holyland Adventure Jerusalem Marketplace (2005) Group VBS - Marketplace was one of his Lesson Plans and group has turned it into a VBS program using all the material from his Marketplace Lesson Set. Check out the Group Website Outlet - they main still have the "Jerusalem Marketplace Shopkeeper Leader Manual" available.

In (2006) they did Bethlehem Village (Advent-Christmas theme). Group Publishing.

Also note they have good props for bible times such as spices, lamps, scroll paper, etc. available while supplies last.

Daily Life at the Time of Jesus, by Miriam F. Vamosh, Abingdon, 2001, 9780687048915. Description: What did Jesus see when he woke up each morning? What were the city streets like? What did people wear? What did they eat? In Daily Life at the Time of Jesus, Miriam Vamosh guides pilgrims of all ages on an unforgettable tour of the Holy Land 2,000 years ago. Lavish illustrations complement down-to-earth commentary on Jesus' cultural environment, as illuminated by 50 years of archaeological research. 104 pages, softcover.

People of the Bible: Life and Customs
By: Silvia Gastaldi, Claire Musatti, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2001, ISBN: 0867164689.
 Description Excerpt: Open the book, and you will find yourself on a journey through time. In it you will find fifty double-page spreads, fifty picture windows, each opening up on a different theme. Through them you will see many different views of a distant world that will slowly become more familiar to you. Look, for instance, at the spread about education in biblical times. Were there books and blackboards? How did people learn? Or look at a spread about living conditions. There was no running water and people slept alongside animals. A few pages later there is a picture of a city gate: go through it and you will find narrow winding streets with all kinds of activities. Or you may want to go into the city of Jerusalem, into the heart of the temple. Or have a bird's-eye view of the land of Palestine.

Hi. "Life and Bible Times" by Anne Gilbert and "Palestine 30 A.D." by Colleen Britton, are great; they are published by Educational Ministries. Also, "Food at the time of the Bible," by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, published by Abington, is a fantastic resource, it has tons of info about life in the Holy Land, great pictures and recipes. I"m sure you could get lots of ideas from any of these resources, for many rotations.

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