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Member Sally wrote:

I am trying to locate a Los Posadas drama that may be used in a congregational setting.

What is "Los Posadas"??

From Franciscan Media:

A holy history lesson: The roots of Las Posadas stretch deeply into Latin culture. It originated in Spain, but it’s been a yearly celebration throughout Mexico for over 400 years. The tradition commemorates Mary and Joseph’s difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a warm place to stay the night. (Posadas is Spanish for “lodgings” or “accommodations.”)

Beginning on December 16 and ending nine days later, on December 24, Las Posadas commemorates the nine months of Mary’s pregnancy. Each night, one family agrees to house the pilgrims. And so it begins: At dusk, a procession of the faithful takes to the streets with children often dressed as angels and shepherds. Religious figures, images and lighted candles are a part of the festivities.

The group representing the Holy Family stands outside a series of houses, singing songs, asking for lodging. They are refused time and again until the group reaches the designated house. Finally, the travelers are permitted to enter. Prayer and song continue in the home, and festive foods are shared. The evening ends with a piñatain the shape of star.

The tradition continues each evening with a different house as the chosen Posadas. The last night—Christmas Eve—usually features a midnight Mass. The nine days of Las Posadas is more than just a feel-good tradition: It deepens faith and strengthens ties within the community at a holy time.

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La Posada

La Posada is a Mexican tradition - children reenact Mary and Joseph searching for a room at an inn. I believe it's traditionally done as a large group moving literally from house to house - being refused at each one, until the last house where there's a big party. I'm not sure how you'd do this in a congregational setting. One year we adapted the following play with our kids and moved from room to room in the building. Maybe you can figure out a way to adapt it for your needs? --Carol

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There is a good resource on Los Posadas in the Cornerstones curriculum for Year Three -The Quest For Identity theme. It is in the 'Christmas Around the World' Unit in the "Moved by the Spirit" workshop. ( When I was in Rochester, NY a church actually did this in their community, going from house to house and finally they stopped at a house that had a baby. I am not sure how it was planned but I know it was very effective.

[Update 2016: In the past year or so, the founders f Cornerstones retired. Their website and materials are no longer available. ]

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I vaguely remember doing something like this in a Christmas pageant as a child. We knocked on each pew and asked people if there was any room for us. I don't think many of us actually spoke up, though. 

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Of course, all of this is based upon the inaccurate reading of the gospel of Luke 

which we've all grown up with.


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