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Sunday School Supplies

Please suggest Bible maps and sources of maps. Supply as much information as possible such as area covered, contact information for source, and so forth.

This post below also has a link to an article about "Teaching with Bible Maps" that is full of techniques and how-to examples.

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Posted by Neil MacQueen:

I love teaching with maps!

Abingdon's Bible Maps for Children, Abingdon Press, 1996, ISBN: 0687026172. (still available online). Description: Set of color Bible maps that come stapled in a large book. You're supposed to pull the staples out and display the posters. They are about 18"x24" in size. Some of the maps contain illustrations, such as the one about Abraham's journey. I've found that the key to getting maps used (other than writing use into the lesson plan) is to get them permanently hung where teachers and kids can see them. Storing them in a file cabinet is a waste. I've had my maps mounted on foam core board and they have a hanger on them. Easy to pull off the wall for discussion and they make good decorations too.

Bible Maps Collection from Peterli
can be purchased at https://bayardfaithresources.c.../maps-of-bible-lands
These are Large, Colorful, Kid-friendly. Modern-looking Bible Maps
Perfect for hanging in the classroom and using in your lessons. Each is 22″ x 32″, printed on HEAVY paper, and includes a free teaching guide with the maps. All four are sold as a set, they are:
1. The Exodus and the Exile
2. The Land Where Jesus Lived
3. Jerusalem in Jesus’ Time
4. Early Christian Communities

(See Neil's article about teaching with Bible maps found further down in this forum.)

Posted by Jan FPC Napa:

Free Bible Images and Maps to Print
They have the following maps:

  • Powerpoint Bible Atlas Maps
    40 maps of the Old and New Testament in PowerPoint format. This is our most popular item and it is FREE. There were over 7,000 downloads in the first 70 days! We use it to promote our site. Download it and share it with your friends! Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • New Testament Maps
    Israel in Jesus' Time, Paul's Missionary Journeys, etc.  Most of these are based on NASA satellite images. These are JPG samples from the free PowerPoint Bible Atlas listed above.
  • Old Testament Maps
    Exodus Map, Israel Tribes, etc.  Most of these are based on NASA satellite images. These are JPG samples from the free PowerPoint Bible Atlas listed near the top of this page.

Posted by Rhonda b:


  • Over 150 Maps and charts are now downloadable and can be purchased individually for as little as $1.50 each or in category sets at a savings of 25%.
  • Maps and images are suitable for printing high-resolution, full-page copies or for inserting into PowerPoint for high resolution, full-screen projection. In most cases when purchasing maps, you will receive both a labeled map and an unlabeled map. These maps/charts are in PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to open, print and copy these files.
    (Update: What's included in each download: 1 PDF, 2 PNG files for PowerPoint, and 2 gray-scale PNG files
  • Each map is interactive in that you can click on any map city, feature or site and Bible-based "pop-up" information appears. In fact, there are over 400 pages of information contained in the program, and you can add your own information based on your own studies. Because we use vector images, the print output is breathtaking.
  • 12 Animated Maps (UPDATE: Now sold as MP4 movie file downloads, each 1-2 minutes in duration at $2.50 each.) Map animations of the exodus, the conquest of Canaan, Jonah, and Paul's four journeys.

Posted by Debbie Fisher:

Then and Now Bible Maps by Rose Publishing, 1997, ISBN: 096550820X. Description: Trying to connect the "Middle East" of the six o'clock news with the Holy Land of the Bible? Here's a resource that fills in the blanks! Transparent maps of modern-day Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries lie flat over Bible maps showing the lands and cities where the patriarchs, Jesus, and the apostle Paul traveled. Tremendously helpful! 20 pages, spiralbound hardcover.

Then and Now Bible Map Overhead Transparencies, Rose Publishing' 1997, ISBN: 096550823. Description: Peel away layers of time as you turn back clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries to reveal ancient biblical places. Features twelve 8.5" x 11" transparencies, including the Middle East during modern and ancient times, Israel during Jesus' time, Paul's journeys, the united and divided kingdoms, and more.

Posted by Jan FPC Napa:

Reproducible Maps, Charts, Time Lines & Illustrations, Gospel Light, 1989, ISBN: 0830719385. Out of print, copies currently still available online. DESCRIPTION: Is a great resource. We got ours through our local Family Christian Store. It's very thorough and includes everything in the title ... and we like that it is reproducible.
Biblical timelines, an inside view of Solomon's Temple, or a map of Rome.

Posted by Lynn C Wood:

Bible Maps Online
I just found a great site for Biblical maps:
The maps are detailed, some topographical, some general, some very specific (Assyria in the 7th Century BCE).

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Geography Resource

Posted by Jaymie Derden

The Baker Book of Bible Travel for Kids by Anne Adams, published by Educational Publishing Concepts, Inc., 0801044235,1999. OUT OF PRINT - still available online or CHECK LIBRARY.

Here's what the back cover says about this resource: "The Baker Book of Bible Travel for Kids is a great tool to help children adventure into the ancient world of the Old and New Testaments. .. kids will be able to put themselves into the Bible stories and the places that Bible people walked. Geography plays a vital role in the spread of Christianity, and this book will help kids better understand how and where our faith took its roots..."

Each location in the book includes the following information:
Location name and pronunciation (THANK YOU!!!)
Traveler: the Bible person/s involved in the story
Transportation: what method of travel they used
What to take: any special items of interest pertinent to the story
Reason for visit: some background on the event or place
Then and Now: puts the geography in context of Bible times and modern times
Color illustrations: on each page

64 locations are included from Antioch to Zion!


Added by moderator

Hands-On Geography: Easy & Fun Activities for Exploring God's World, By: Maggie Hogan, Janice Baker, Bright Ideas Press, 2001, Reprint 2007, ISBN: 1892427036

Description: Geography is more than maps---and the world is more than continents and countries. These multi-grade projects provide an in-depth look at the world around us from a Christian perspective. Whether creating their own country notebook or studying about missionaries, your students will learn how geography affects economics, politics, science, religion, and cultures. Includes resource lists and reproducible work sheets and maps. 142 pages, softcover.

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Bible Maps For Children, Gospel Light, ISBN 0830715029. Description: Includes: 7 Old Testament maps, 3 New Testment maps, Colorful diagrams of the Tabernacle and Temple.

Follow Moses: Poster Sticker Book, Kregel Publications, 2004, ISBN: 0825472911
Description: Description: A great book of exciting stories about Moses, with a huge fold-out wall poster with a map of Egypt and the desert, plus reusable stickers to decorate it. Follow the story of Moses from his basket in the bulrushes to the Exodus out of Egypt. Journey through the desert towards the Promised Land. Take part in Moses' adventures by adding stickers to the map to illustrate each story. Lovely large colourful map for younger children. Map is 22" x 16".

Follow Jesus: Poster Sticker Book, by Tim Dowley, Kregel Publications, 2004, ISBN: 0825472903. Description: This book - with reusable stickers and a giant foldout map - shows the travels of Jesus. His journey is presented graphically with images of the fascinating people, places, and events He encountered. Lovely large colourful map for younger children. Map is 22" x 16".

All above three books are out of print, but still currently found online.

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20 Bible Map Activities: Caravan Middle East and the Holy Land, By: Nancy Fisher, Rose Publishing, 1999, ISBN: 1890947067. OUT OF PRINT copies currently still found online.
Join the Bible Caravan to the Middle East and the Holy land with this lesson guide to the Old Testament for grades 3-7. With exciting reproducible worksheets and activities. Middle East & Holy Land Map Games.

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Journeys Through Bible Lands, By: Tim Dowley, Candle Books, 2007, Hardcover, 9780825473340, 12 pages. OUT of PRINT, copies currently still available online. Now here’s a neat new map book. Kid’s or teacher pulls tab of a simple black and white drawing and see it turn into a colourful fun detailed map of one of 5 bible characters journeys. Maps retrace the steps of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Jesus, and Paul.

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An idea for using maps...

Posted by Ann Randall (User name: Randlut) on May 24, 2011

This is something that happened by accident that worked really well. We have shared space, so when I wanted to use a large map of Paul's journeys, I just laid it on the table we were sitting around like a tablecloth. It made it very easy to keep referring back to the map as we discussed the story, for them to look at the map and ask questions, to point to the location we were discussing.
Ann Randall
Noble Road Presbyterian Church
Cleveland Heights, OH

Article on Teaching with Bible Maps in Sunday School (PDF)

Here's what's in the article. It has many lesson examples too.

  1. Intro
  2. Why teach with maps
  3. Example of teaching a story with a map, questions you can ask
  4. Young Children and Maps
  5. 15 lesson ideas for teaching with maps
  6. Tips for displaying maps

I love to look at Bible maps and teach with them. Always have. Maps are far more than geography lessons. They are "graphic user interfaces" for a trove of information and reflection.

  • Maps are “storyboards” which the teacher creates in the student’s mind.
  • They are a visual prop upon which to hang our verbally delivered information.  
  • They are a graphic user interface that can store and trigger memories.
  • Maps harness our “love of the hunt”. (Where’s Egypt? How far to Sinai? Where did they go next?)

View and print the updated article as a PDF


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We purchase our Bible Maps at First Pres-Jackson, TN, from this site:

Details about this Map pack. Is called " Bible Maps Cut and Color Pack", it includes:

1: From Birth of Adam to the Birth of Abraham (prior to 2200 BC) Map
2: Before the Birth of Abraham Past the Death of Joseph (2300 BC to 1600 BC)Map
3: From the Birth of Moses through the End of the Exodus (1446 BC to 1406 BC) Map
4: The Era of the Judges & the United Kingdom of Israel (1350 BC to 931 BC) Map
5: The Time of Exiles, Invasions, and the Great Prophets (722 BC through 516 BC) Map
6: The Life of Jesus (4-7 BC to 30-33 AD) Map
7: Time of the Great Commission (33 AD to 90 AD) Map
8: Today (Post Millennium)
Each Bible Map has 3 Printable pages: Background Coloring Page, Names Cut-Out Page, and Complete Mock-Up Page. In addition to the pages above, it also includes 2-3 pages of Teaching Notes.
This is a download product. Once purchased you can reproduce the maps as needed.
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"3D" relief maps can help tell any story, and they can be made out of many different materials such as salt or cookie dough. The colors can be part of the dough or painted on top. They can be composed of paint or food coloring or different colors of icing.  From a teaching perspective, it is important to keep the "making" as simple and quick as possible so that the message is not lost in the doing.

It's common to see maps of "countries" or regions like the following, but keep in mind that a map can also zoom in on a specific area where a story is being told. The Sea of Galilee, or Garden of Gethsemane, for example. (Gethsemane is on the slopes of the Kidron Valley across from the Temple and sits at the base of the Mount of Olives for example.)

1. Holy Land Salt Map Project

Photos and instructions at  Could be done using cookie dough and icing as in the 2nd one seen below...

2. Cookie Dough Map Project

Photos and instructions at  (this project did Egypt only, but the idea could easily be turned into a Holy Land or Exodus map with yummy results).



Images (5)
  • HolyLand-SaltMap
  • salt-dough-map-cookie-sheet
  • CookieDoughMap
  • HolyLand-Map2
  • HolyLand-Map
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