March 2017 Newsletter

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Highlights and New Resources

from the Writing Team:

Jesus' Kingdom Parables!

Seven new workshop-style lesson plans for Rotation and traditional Sunday School use. Activities include: making birdhouses, parable games, a real "treasure" metal detector (you can easily make), a Kingdom flying game, "Cinnamon Roll Parables," and a great way to do drama with an overhead projector. 

"WT" lesson plans are open to our Supporting Members. Everyone can view the Writing Team's Lesson Summaries and Bible Background. Visit the WT Lesson Menu.

New Treasurer & Address

Anne Camp has passed the checkbook to Cathy Walz. Cathy, our new Treasurer, has been a Board member since 2012(Nov 26 she said yes). She is a volunteer educator at St. John Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) in Forest Park, IL. 

This is Anne's second "retirement" as's Treasurer. Anne and her church took care of's funds for several years prior to our incorporation. A founding member of the site and Board, Anne returned as our Treasurer in 2010 (Nov). She turns over the checkbook to Board member Cathy Walz, who will undoubtedly have Anne on speed-dial. Anne remains on the Board, sharing her passionate voice for God's Word, and lesson talents with the Writing Team.

Here is our treasurer's new address: Inc
c/o Cathy Walz, Treasurer
1518 Elgin Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130

What happens to "old" content?
Will my posts be changed?

We were recently asked about content that "used to be" on the site, and about our lesson editing policy. In brief, we are constantly working to improve's content and readability. That means we occasionally improve, consolidate, or retire previously posted content. Board members and our webmasters have permission to edit content. When needed, an editor may leave a note. 

Theological issues are rare. That said, Rotation Modelers believe that it is each church's responsibility to adapt material to their own theological and age-range needs. Check the Terms of Service for more about editorial policies.

Feature Alert!

Did you know you can tell if, when, and who has edited a post by clicking the ASTERISK icon next to it. In 2015, hundreds of posts received formatting improvements from our "Lesson Form-a-teer," and many more have been improved since then.


This means the more visible "post date" can be misleading and make the content look quite old, even though the post may have been updated several times. Click the asterisk if you're interesting in seeing when the post may have been edited.

How to Get In Touch with

In addition to posting in our support and contact forums, you can also email us.

  1. Membership and Content Questions:
  2. Contact the Board:
  3. Technical Help:


Why are we smiling this month? Because we are making plans to celebrate's 20th Birthday. Thank you for your continued support.

Your Volunteer Board,

Learn more about our Board, who's on it, and about our mission.


We are looking for someone who has Video Editing Talent to help us create some video content.

We are also looking for someone with Illustrating-Animating Talent.

These are paying gigs. Email



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