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To Holy Week and Beyond! ~ The March Enews from

Here are some of the great resources you'll find at

Come see the Road to Emmaus & Great Commission ideas and lessons in Cathy and Robin's "Hidden Treasures."

Check out our Easter Egg Hunt Ideas --including two new games for all ages that you can use to teach parts of the Easter story.

Visit our Holy Week forum -- it's full of lessons and ideas for teaching elementary-age kids in small and large programs.

Enjoy and download the inspiring Annie Vallotton Gospel Images Collection.

We have Annie Vallotton's special illustrations for Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and the Resurrection stories. Use them in worship, in newsletters, and for teaching.

Come see the collection here at!

Coming Tuesday, March 22nd

Small Sunday Schools and Multi-age Classes

A Zoom "Coffee Chat"

Hear and share with our panel of "small" Sunday School experts. Discussion will include how to do Workshop Rotation in a small or "one-room" combined-grade class Sunday School.

Learn more and register here.

Broadly-graded Holy Week & Beyond Lesson Sets from our Writing Team

Creative lessons from the Writing Team feature art, video, music, drama, software, games, and other creative techniques! See a menu of all their lessons and learn more about our Writing Team.

Palm Sunday ~ Jesus is the One!

  • Hosanna Hey! These lessons rock with rocks and energy.

Jesus' Last Supper

  • A Passover Seder for kids, a Communion Cloth project, and more!

Jesus in Gethsemane

  • God's love and purpose is bigger and stronger than whatever you fear.

Jesus Goes to the Cross

  • A special Cross-Seder, contemporary and traditional songs, a "Stations of the Cross" reflection workshop, plus art, games, and a moving kid-friendly video.

Mary Magdalene: Meeting Jesus at the Empty Tomb

  • An Empty Tomb "dish garden" project, "Mary Magdalene did you know?" and more great lesson ideas about knowing and understanding this pivotal story.

Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

  • What do a "rap" song, dominoes, a scavenger hunt, and a "seeing Jesus" presentation have in common? (They're all part of this lesson set!)

Great Commission and Ascension of Jesus

  • Includes a special Music & Drama lesson that connects the mega-popular song, "Home," and Jesus' encouragement and promise found in the Great Commission and Ascension, and a terrific "Commission to Mission" workshop.

Lenten Blessings from your volunteer Board of Directors,

Robin Stewart, Ron Shifley, Beth Tobin,  Cathy Walz,
Amy Crane, Carol Hulbert, and Luanne Payne


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