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Martin Luther King Jr

Our parents have requested a rotation on MLK, Jr. We have read and incorporated Linda M.'s Jeremiah unit, movie/civil rights movement suggestion. (Thank you!) Has anyone else done work on MLK or prophets for other workshops? We have used most every kind of workshop, except we do not have computers.

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You can center around the "I have a dream" speech.

There is construction paper available in "flesh tones" which is great for some sort of multicultural project.

This would also be a great chance to brainstorm a make a difference project with your kids.

Music ideas:
Bryan Sirchio has a song "Dream God's Dream" which I really like. It could be used with the "I Have a Dream" speech. You can down load words and lead sheets free, and/or purchase the CD containing the song at his website Our youth wrote an extra verse to the .song, which went over very well.

The gospel hymn "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" was MLK favorite and he requested it just before his assassination. I believe an additional verse was written. Can't find it and don't remember it all, but the third line was something along the lines of "I have dreamed a great dream, that your love will fill our land."

Also for the rocker set, U2 "In the Name of Love" could be used.

Hope this helps!


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Lisa, Thank you so much for the great suggestions. I am always moved by his Letter from the Birmingham Jail but will certainly look into all the suggestions about the I have a dream speech!
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I am in a chorale group that just performed Precious Lord for a state wide church council worship. The words are a little different than the traditional way I learned it. The words definitely reflect the "I have a Dream" speech I would gladly post the words here if I were sure of not violating copyright. The version I have says: tune by George M. Allen, Text by Joyce Merman, arranged by Roy Ringwald. " TO the honored memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Copyright, Shawnee Press

Any one willing to venture an opinion on that?

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I am wondering if the company that holds the rights to the song might have a website that may even have the words listed, or you could email them and ask for permission to share the lyrics. Or, you could post the particulars and we'll have to find the music! Thanks for the insight either way! Carolyn Peterson

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