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Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for "Don't Worry, Be Thankful!"

Post your Sunday School lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for "Don't Worry, Be Thankful!"

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Matthew 5, 6, 7. Seek First, Don't Worry, Ask, Seek, Knock, Salt, Light, Turn the other cheek, Love your enemies, Kingdom of Heaven,

Here's an animated video overview titled "Don't Worry" (Matthew 6:25-34) from Saddleback Kids. 2.39 minutes.

Two Workshop Ideas originally posted by member "Faith Village Coordinator"

We developed a Thanksgiving season lesson set on "Don't Worry! Be Thankful!" based on Matthew 6:25-34, and using Philippians 4:6 as the memory verse.

Congregational engagement: This would be a good time for a food and clothing donation as the "righteousness" (doing the right thing) and food and clothing tie-in.

Art Workshop: We will focus on how the flowers are clothed in the passage (emphasizing the clothing donation), and make tissue paper flowers. Good instructions are located here: (original link removed, as that site is no longer active).

Construction Workshop: Focusing on birds and food, we will talk about how God provides food for birds in winter, and make bird feeder garlands out of popcorn and dried fruit (and enjoy some ourselves!). We will emphasize the food donation. Instructions for the bird feeder garland here: bird feeder

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Video Clips

  • Don't Worry - short inspirational film on God Tube. Really cute dog - worries over his bone, buries it, then takes it to a bank for safer keeping, then can't sleep dreaming about it - cute! God Tube - Why Worry?
  • Short video -- can download for free. Speed drawing is done in the background - approx. 2 minutes. Quiz Worx - Video - Do Not Worry


  • Steve Green - Hide 'em in Your Heart CD/DVD Vol. 2, 2005, 724354464409. Song #4 - Do Not Worry.
  • VeggieTales - Bob & Larry Sing the 80's CD, 820413115326 - Song # 10: Don't Worry Be Happy.
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This pic was sent to us by Deanne from Newton Park Methodist Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

"Our paper plate birdie - lesson about God will provide - "do not worry about what you eat....etc., "look at the birds of the air"



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  • birdplate
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PRESCHOOL LESSON IDEAS from our Marketplace VBS -- one day/about three hours


MAIN STORY: Don’t worry about what you will eat or what you will wear ... look at the lilies of the fields and the birds of the air.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:25-34

POINT: God Gives us blessings every day

MEMORY VERSE: “I will pour my blessing on my people” Isaiah 44:3

SNACK: fruit cocktail and water


  • paper dolls precut from pattern:
  • fresh flowers
  • magnifying glasses
  • smooth stone
  • cardstock
  • fabric and paper scraps (some precut to flower shapes)
  • glue
  • memory verse printed on a strip of paper
  • four large (adult man’s) button-up shirts
  • CD player
  • CD of praise music

Encourage children to visit centers and engage them in conversation as indicated below.


Art:      Draw clothes on paper doll chains: Secret of HappinessyFun/DollChain/

Book:  "The Secret of Happiness: The Sermon on the Mount for Children" by Jan Godfrey, 2010.

Blocks:          Build a house with blocks

Kitchen:          Encourage the children to “cook” large meals for their friends/the dolls

Science: Look closely at fresh flowers. Use magnifying glasses and discuss what they see.  https://www.newchurchvineyard....lowers-matthew06.pdf

Coloring sheet:


Review memory verse.

 “I will pour my blessing on my people” Isaiah 44:3

 I           Pointing to yourself is a natural gesture for indicating the concept of me, but when referring to God, point up.

 POUR          The signer mimics the action of pouring liquid from a jug.

BLESSING The hands mimic the action of blessing someone.        

PEOPLE      The P handshapes (2 fingers [like a peace sign] pointing down) move in alternating circles. The circular movement can be forward or backward.


Flower Collage:IMG_5634-2

Before class cut out flowers from flower patterned material. Cut out green stems and leaf shapes. Have the children glue the material onto a piece of cardstock. Instruct the children to make pictures out of fabric scraps of flowers or birds to remind them how much God cares for us. Make a card for each picture that has a memory verse on it.

Have the children glue the verse cards onto their pictures when they are finished.


“Seek Ye First”


“Sharing Shirts”

adapted from The Humonguous Book of Games for Children’s Ministry by Group

Have the children gather in a circle. Place all the shirts in the middle (there should be one shirt for every two children). Tell the children that this is a game that will help them remember not to worry about what clothes they will wear.

Tell the children that when you say “go” they should grab a shirt from the pile and put it on. Remind them they should not worry what it looks like.

When they grab shirts, they will quickly realize there are more people than shirts. Ask, “How can you solve this problem?” Help them realize they can share shirts.

Have the children fit two per shirt. Then play music while the pairs dance in their shared shirts. Stop the music and have them freeze. Continue to play the “freeze dance” game, or have them trade partners, or take out shirts and have 3 to a shirt (as interest level dictates).

SNACK:      talk about the wonderfully abundant food.


“God’s blessings for me:”

Help the children think about what blessings they are enjoying: homes, parents, siblings, pets, the beautiful world, school, VBS, whatever. Encourage them to draw pictures, or have them dictate what to write in their journals.


Review memory verse.

Clean up room.

Send home projects with children.


ASL Browser - videos of the signs used in memory verse check this site for words

More craft suggestions can be found at Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities under "Worry"


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  • Book-The Secret of Happiness
  • IMG_5634-2
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This circle time game was invented to go with our Matthew 6 lessons. It is a great ice-breaker and gets kids thinking about God's relationship with His creation

Around the Table

Supplies: None

Directions: Sit in a circle and have each child choose a different animal to be (cat, dog, fish etc.) Quickly go around the circle and be certain that each child has shared what animal they have chosen and that they know what kind of food that animal eats. Choose a child to start. This child will begin by saying “I am a __________ and I eat ________. What does a _________ eat?” In the last part of the chant, the child must choose the animal of another child in the circle. For example the child might say “I am a cat and I eat mice. What does a dog eat?” The child who has chosen “dog” must now take up the chant: “I am a dog and I eat meat. What does a fish eat?” etc. Continue with the chant, getting faster as you go until someone messes up. You might play several times. Remind the children of how many wonderful creature God created and how He loves to care for them.

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