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Post it in the "Recent Discoveries - Look What I've Found" forum, or go straight to the Lesson Forum and post it under its associated Bible story.

New from the Writing Team

Psalm 8: "When I look at your heavens..."

Six new creative lesson plans to get your kids "looking up" at God's message encircling them in the nighttime sky.

This set includes a "Memory" workshop and a Music-Video Workshop. It also includes a special Drama Workshop script with three presentation options: Reader's Theater, Blacklight, or Shadow Puppets.

The New & Improved Writing Team lessons go the extra mile in creativity, technique, and teaching detail. Written with creative Rotation workshop teachers in mind, the lessons can also be used by any awesome teacher looking to do more than a "quickie craft" and coloring page with their students. See the WT's lesson menu.

Coming This Summer from the Writing Team:

  • June:  Jesus heals ten. One returns thankful. 
  • July:  Elijah and the Widow
  • August:  Elijah leaves behind his mantle for young Elisha

Access to the WT's lesson sets is THE major benefit of being a Supporting Member

View our Video Workshop Forum for These New Articles:

Excerpt from "The Rise of YouTube as a Sunday School Resource"

YouTube-logo-full_colorGoogle's YouTube is fast becoming a major source of Sunday School lesson media. And we at are finding more and more good teachable media on YouTube and linking you to it  in our lesson forums and Writing Team lesson sets.

Fueled by a combination of user-created and  publisher-provided content, YouTube is poised to become "the source" for Christian media that, in the past, we couldn't find, couldn't get in time, or couldn't afford.

  • Movies
  • Animated Bible story "shorts" for kids
  • Dramas and skits
  • Music videos
  • Discussion starters, presentations
  • Devotionals
  • Previews and full length copies of animated Bible classics
  • "How-to" instructional videos
  • Teacher training videos
  • ...and fun material produced by other Sunday Schools and websites like ours.

The ability to connect to YouTube in the classroom, or download content and bring it in, is quickly becoming a required skill for those who want to teach with multi-media.   Our articles show you what's out there to get excited about, how to get the content into your classroom, and how to connect your smartphones/tablets/laptops to your TVs or projectors to show it.

Two meaningful and fun teacher gift suggestions:  

  1. Wildflower Seeds and/or Potted Plant
    ("Thank you for sowing the word and helping us grow in the love of God.")

  2. A Fresh Baked Loaf of Bread
    ("Thank you for rising early in the morning to feed our children on God's Word.")

We know that volunteering can sometimes feel like "great is your reward in heaven."   We understand your commitment because we share it with you every Sunday morning.

In the days and weeks ahead, as we see member profile pics pop up on the Homepage "Current Visitors" widget, we'll be saying a prayer of thanksgiving for each of you

Your volunteer Board of Directors,

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