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May 2019

Pentecost is June 9th!

Visit our Pentecost and Acts forums. They are ON FIRE with new teaching ideas!

New forum just opened! 

Resources for Teachers, Leaders, and Creative Lesson Writers

  • Teacher Recruiting and Training
  • Teaching Techniques, Discipline
  • Prayer & Reflection in the Lesson (ideas and resources)

Resources for Teachers, Leaders, and Lesson Writers are for both Rotation and Traditional Sunday School programs and the forum is open to all. 

Visit our New Teacher Training and Technique Forum!

Did you know all our Teacher Training Articles are now open to all Registered Members? This was made possible, in part, due to a gift from First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, Michigan. Over the next year we'll be rolling out MORE printable training helps. 

Curious about how to improve your lessons and creative teaching?
Want to discover how to come up with creative ideas?

Visit our new forum,  "Pulling Back the Curtain"  for insights into creative brainstorming and lesson writing.

pull back the curtain to reveal...Over the next year in "Pulling Back the Curtain," Neil MacQueen, our Lead Writer, and various Team members will be sharing more "secrets" about where they come up with their creative ideas, do's and dont's in lesson writing, and how they shape material for various age groups. Stay tuned for more!

Now *LIVE* at!

The Writing Team's "Jesus Feeds the 5000" Lesson Set

Lessons in the set:

  • A "Jesus Toast" workshop that includes storytelling and movement.
  • A Music & Drama lesson GUARANTEED to get your kids singing.
  • A Games Workshop where your kids go fishing for scripture.
  • A Video Workshop that features THE BEST video of the story.
  • A super music video suitable for use in worship and with older students.
  • And an Art Workshop that features a "guided" abstract art project that explores the impact of Jesus' miracle on people in the crowd, and on us.

Has been a source of help and inspiration to you?

If so, please consider becoming a Supporting Member if you aren't already. For just $45 you get access to YEARS worth of the Writing Team's extra-creative lessons, more site features and content, and the satisfaction in knowing you are helping keep our site going and growing. Join now.

  • Non-profit
  • Member supported
  • Non-denominational
  • Commited to creativity
  • Always here to support you and your church 24/7, 365.

Your 2019 Volunteer Board of Directors,

Amy Crane, President
Cathy Walz, Treasurer
Anne Camp, Jaymie Derden, Carol Hulbert, and Luanne Payne

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