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Teacher AppreciationSuggestions for Teacher-Leader Appreciation

...more meaningful than trinkets

We've started a list of "how teachers would appreciate being recognized" --even those who don't want to be "recognized." See what you think and add your suggestions!

Suggestions for Celebrating Mothers Day

...including how to be sensitive to those who have lost or can't have children

See our updated resources and add your great ideas.

Register Now for our free May 24th "Summer Ministry" Zoom ChatSummer with Wormy

Join us on May 24th for another great Zoom Coffee Chat to discuss and share ideas for "summer children's ministry ~ plans and ideas."

Register now and learn more about this free Zoom event!

Surprises in Annie Vallotton's Bible Illustration Collection at

In addition to the ministry and last week of Jesus, Annie drew scenes for several post-resurrection stories and stories from the Book of Acts that are wonderful for worship, educational, promotional, and devotional use.

Emmaus  | Feed My Sheep  | Breakfast with Jesus | The Great Commission
Pentecost | Peter and Cornelius  | Peter's vision of the animals
and more!

Illustration of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is the official home of over 140 New Testament story illustrations by Annie Vallotton, the Swiss artist whose illustrations famously grace the pages of the Good News Bible. The collection has many post-resurrection story images and includes both color background and grayscale versions of each image. Download the images for your congregational use!!

If you haven't yet become a Supporting Member, please consider doing so today. The cost is just $45 and grants you access to all our special materials and lesson sets. Become a vital part of's creative resource ministry now.

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