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Memorial Day

I am working on a lesson for Memorial Day. I have a title "God Bless America" but have run into writers block for further ideas for the lesson. There are a lot of patriotic crafts but I am having trouble developing the lesson, teaching concept, etc.

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For Memorial Day, I usually go with a theme about Rememberance, (comunion) but here are some ideas for patriotic, or blessing America.

how about why we should Humble ourselves and pray. Or How James and John were upset about being rejected and wanted Jesus to bring fire on the city . . . but Jesus would rather bless.

Or talk about symbols: the meaning of the colors of our flag, and of the christian flag, the In God we trust on our coins, the statue of Liberty, our pledge . . .
Like the song: talk about how the statue of Liberty stands as a tall symbol which make us stand tall and say "I am proud to be an American" The cross stood tall as our symbol to say "I am proud to be a Christian."

Carman has a song that mentions the faith of the founding fathers of America, it's a great song.
Dave Roever's (survived an explodes granade in viatnam) testimonies are exelent, he even has a children's tract with his story.

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