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Post your lesson suggestions here for teaching stories found in Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

Rotation Sunday School typically don't teach much from these three books due to our need to prioritize of stories as we cover each for four to five weeks in a row.

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The following software program contains a "flying game" that presents older children and younger youth with an fun quiz-like overview of what can be found in Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Exodus Adventures

Game 3, by Sunday Software

This software program can be downloaded FOR FREE by's Supporting Members for use in Sunday School or member homes. 
Learn more here.

Here's the lesson plan for Game 3 provided as a courtesy by Sunday Software. A PDF version is also attached to this lesson.

Exodus Adventures Software Game 3 Lesson Plan

Exodus Adventures Game 3 Lesson Objective:

To introduce and encourage looking in the books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, students will fly into desert, and one-by-one, find and answer 7 different questions about the books.  Upon completing the final question, students fly to Mt Nebo, land their helicopter, and meet Grandpa Dabs for further discussion.

Lesson Plan in Brief:

  1. Explain today’s objectives and how to play the game.  You might want to demonstrate how to take-off and fly into the desert. In particular, show them how to pop-open the map during the game.
  2. 2nd and 3rd graders will need help learning how to fly. Assign an older student to be the “navigator”.
  3. For older children, give them roles at the computer:  pilot, navigator, Bible mechanic.  Have them switch roles every few minutes as needed.
  4. Give them 5 minute to practice flying and learning the game, then have them RESTART Game 3 (if needed) and complete it.
  5. It will take them about 20 minutes to play the game. It’s possible that they will crash or run out of fuel and need to restart the game, so provide extra time.  They should have their Bibles handy to answer the questions.
  6. When they get to Mt Nebo (where Moses saw the Promised Land), use the handout below to guide and record group discussion about Dabney’s final comments.
  7. Once everyone has completed the handout, discuss it with them away from the computer for a few minutes.
  8. If time permits, let them fly again to reinforce their knowledge.

A map of the game's Sinai terrain showing you where the questions are located.

Here's a guide for your students:


  1. Start Exodus game and select Game 3.

  2. Find helicopter in lower courtyard and enter it.  Press HOME key to start engines and steer up over walls.

  3. Fly towards the Chaos Canyon bridge sign. This will make the level change. You won’t crash.

  4. You are now out in the desert. Find the 7 question stations and answer them in the correct order. You will know that you are flying to the next question in the correct order WHEN your clipboard graphic matches the view out the window. 

  5. In Game 3, you can press the F2 key on your keyboard to activate a map. If you are using a laptop, you may have to press the FN (function) key on your keyboard to activate the F2 key (laptop keys often have dual functions).

    Make sure you fly over the fuel cans as you play or you’ll run out. You will notice that the gas cans tend to appear on the correct route!

    Save your game at least once when you’re full on fuel, and again when you get to the end before landing to see Dabney.

  6. After answering the 7th Station, fly northeast to Mt Nebo (overlooking water) and land on helipad.  (Press your end key to slow down, and press your forward arrow to touch down).

  7. Walk over to Sir Dabney for final discussion.


Here are some questions to answer about Dabney and Robin’s final questions and comments:

While flying to Nebo, how did Robin describe God’s heart?


According to Robin, what were the Israelites “lucky” to have, or blessed to have?


At the end of his comments, what did Sir Dabney say was “profound” about Moses?

Imagine you are the Helicopter and the Sinai game landscape is Life.

What are the maps/helps that help you know the right way to go in your life?

What happens to people who don’t follow directions or go off the right flight path?

What are the “gas cans” in your life… the things that fill you up with strength, wisdom, patience, and commitment to live your life the way God wants you to?

What is God’s goal for your life? …his “Promised Land” for you?

Helicopter Controls:

Home Key=Power Up. End Key=Power Down and Land. Arrow keys to change direction.

Save Your Position!  The desert is very unforgiving. Press ESC and Save, then click an empty location to save your current location. Should an emergency arise, press load from that menu to load a saved location.


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