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In addition to these public lesson and ideas topics below, supporting members can view the Writing Team's lesson set, "Jesus, the boy who went to the Temple." Its lesson summaries and Bible background are open to all.

This thread is for posting Miscellaneous lesson ideas for teaching about the Boyhood of Jesus... Jesus in the Temple. 

If you have more complete ideas or lessons for specific workshops, please post them in the specific workshop threads in this forum.

This thread began as an archive of previously collected ideas. You are welcome to add to it.

Build a Styrofoam Life Size Model:

The children "build" their own lifesized temple out of styrofoam, dowel rods, and toothpicks. Use drawings of Temple. Use large sheets for an impressive temple. Kids really liked this.

They also built Jerusalem out of boxes to be the "city on a hill" (blankets over boxes to create the hills), to become "the site" for retelling the story during a storytelling presentation. The blanketed area also included a road leading out of Jerusalem where small figurines representing Mary and Joseph were traveling.

Missing Child News Report:

We videotaped a drama-newscast to "cover" the "Breaking Story of a Lost Child".

Field reporter, Chief Detective.
Studio experts about what kind of punishment Jesus should get.

Finished with Jesus coming in the studio and delivering his famous "about my Father's business" line. The field reporter closed it out and the kids loved it.

Drama Resource:

30 NT Quick Skits for Kids by Steven James (Standard) ISBN -7847-3630-7 2004 pg. 16 - Jesus the Missing Person (very humorous)

Great Resource Book for Life In Jesus' Time:

Lamps, Scrolls, & Goatskin Bottles (Standard Publishing), ISBN - 0-7847-1165-8
This book should be on everyone's resource shelf - More than just a description of life in Bible times, this book shows your kids what it was like---and gives them the opportunity to re-create it! Quality photos and illustrations help children visualize biblical settings, while easy directions from recipes, art projects, models, sample scenes, etc. make it useful for most stories relating to Jesus. Ages 6 to 11!

pg. 89 - make your class like a synagogue
pg. 90 - classroom exercises
pg. 98 - children
pg. 116 - carpenter
pg. 126 - toys, games, music, and dance
pg. 136 - games

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Here is a painting you might wish to share with students. 


John Everett Millais 'Christ in the House of His Parents'



At the following website you can watch a video that talks about the painting, explaining some of the symbolism (which is rich!)


 Updated link provided by LeahW on 1/7/14. (Thanks Leah!)






Image is a photographic reproduction of a public domain work of art. (Such reproductions are in the public domain in the United States.)


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  • 256px-John_Everett_Millais_-_Christ_in_the_House_of_His_Parents_(`The_Carpenter's_Shop')_-_Google_Art_Project
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Science Idea


Just processing here, but our kids LOVE science, so I try to fit a science lesson in fairly often.

For this story of Jesus in the temple, we are looking at submission to authority. How Jesus submitted and went with his parents in the end.

The idea forming is using magnets. We have iron shavings, that would "submit" to the will of the magnet. We could use pencil shavings as an example of NOT submitting - they will not go with the magnet.


I'm thinking of those little games (birthday favors) that have the (I hope) metal balls inside. The object is to shake the game and get the 4 balls in the 4 holes. If the balls are metal, using a magnet will make the game pretty easy, and they are cheap enough that each child can have one.


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Create a Small Book (Jr./Sr. High Class) 


For our rotation on Jesus as a boy at the temple we had three different workshops: Carpentry, Arts and Crafts, and film.  I got ideas for the Carpentry and Craft lesson from this website but, of course, changed them to suit my purposes.  One of things that was important to me in this story is what it means for Jesus to come to the temple; what it means for him to be nearly the age of a Bar Mitzvah and to be joining the community of faith.  So the craft workshop focused on this aspect of the story--Jesus' coming of age. The students then translated these ideas to what it means to be confirmed in our church and what it means for them to participate in the community of faith.  All ages of students in our Sunday school were encouraged to think about what it is they have to offer.  Even the youngest among us can contribute from their gifts and abilities and talents. 


Lesson Attached:  With each class we then made a small book in which they recorded their thoughts and ideas.  I'll attach a copy of the lesson plan that was used with our Jr./Sr. High class.


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