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Bible lessons for "The Great Commission" - we invite you  to come in and drop your ideas for teaching about MISSION. They do NOT have to be complete lesson plans.

Matthew 28:16-20, "Jesus Appears to His Disciples," "Commissioning of the disciples," "Jesus Talks to His Followers," "Jesus gives his final instructions"

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Here's a suggested Mission Bible Verse: Matthew 28:19-20

19" Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."


I'm going to design a workshop around each of the FOUR KEY WORDS that Jesus speaks:

Go --find! Where are the mission fields far and near?

GO Workshop Ideas: mission videos, mission visitor.

Make --work! What do we do to help someone become a disciple?

MAKE Workshop Ideas: ??

Baptize --welcome! How do we make our church a welcoming place to newbies?

BAPTIZE Workshop Ideas: Create Welcome Kit for visitors from the kids, including photo of class. The Kids answers some basic FAQs. "Best snacks" "Best Events," --accding to the kids. etc. Create some 'creative' welcome signs for the building and directional signs.

Teach --empower! When you come to Sunday School, you are obeying Jesus' command in verse 20.

TEACH Workshop Ideas: Computer Lab- using Attack of the Sunday School Zombies CD (about the right attitudes to bring to church). Game Workshop- discussing then playing a relay game about getting to church on-time ready to learn (pack your right attitude). Visual demonstration of bringing the 'wrong' attitudes to church (load of bricks, each one with a different name, such as, "I must be entertained" and "I'm too tired.")

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The Rotation.Org Writing Team has a Rotation lesson set on "The Great Commission" (2003) -- the verse you suggest. We are using the material for our entire summer Sunday school and it is going very well.

Check it out.

Moderator notes this lesson set mentioned was improved and updated in 2018, combining the Great Commission and the Ascension it includes a brand new "Commission to Mission Workshop" you can see the set here.

Living Gift Market

One of our favorite mission/outreach projects is the "Living Gift Market" hosted by Heifer International. Each week, we collect a children's offering at circle time that goes into a separate bank account. One week early in Advent, representatives from Heifer come to set up the "living gift market" where people can buy shares of animals. They bring a few animals along, which is a big draw for the kids. I make up vouchers for each student representing the money that has accumulated in their account and they are able to go to the market and purchase shares of animals. Before going to the market, we give them coloring papers with all the gift options and we talk about how these gifts will help struggling families. Some classes read "Beatrice's Goat." The little ones especially need to understand that they are not buying a new pet to bring home but that they are helping to buy an animal that will help someone else.

Gift of the Heart

"Gift of the Heart" kits (info available from Church World Service) can be used in many mission lessons. Cleanup kits (for natural disasters), health kits, etc.

The Presbyterian Church (USA)produces a Children's Mission Yearbook, which has great ideas for projects, information on different countries, local congregations, recipes, etc.

Julie Burton

Community Connection

Last summer our kids embarked on what we called the “Community Connection”. The rotation was focused on serving people in our community and the great commission. I obtained permission as well as chaperone assistance from parents and teachers to visit a local nursing home once a month during Sunday school. We brought/used things we had done in various workshops (such as creating homemade soaps, singing songs and a puppet show) when we visited. Everything tied together and had a purpose. Kids saw how their actions really brightened someone’s day even if they hadn't been present for any of the previous rotations.

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