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Family-friendly mission projects for Sunday school, home and special events.

This topic is collecting your creative ideas for teaching with mission in Sunday School. (Be sure to check for ideas and lessons related to specific Bible stories in our Bible Story lesson forums.)

Remember that the key to a good lesson is that the chosen action or practice should come from the rotation's Bible story itself, and not be a tangential activity with a marginal connection to the assigned story. See the article "The Mission Workshop" for more insight on how to teach with mission projects.

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Our Sunday School had been very intentional in involving the students in hands-on mission projects, so that it was more than just dropping some money into the offering basket and moving on. I looked back at our lessons to see what some of these projects were (and how they related to the Bible story that we were studying).  Some of these projects are related to Lutheran service organizations--I would imagine that other denominations have something similar.  I'll list the story--the mission project--and how it relates

  • The 10 Lepers--creating "Cards of Hope" for Phil's Friends (this is a Christian organization that ministers to cancer patients providing care packages/cards/prayers)--reaching out to the sick just as Jesus did
  • One summer we did a "cruise" focusing on Paul's Journeys; one of the stops was Macedonia (2 Corinthians 8) whom Paul commended for their outpouring of generosity to those in need far away--a lady at our church sent care packages to soldiers stationed overseas, so we helped put those together--sharing generously with others
  • Esther--we put together hygiene kits for Lutheran World Relief--Purim involves acts of generosity
  • Widow's Mites--we had three different outreach projects that our church was involved in at the time so we did a sort of penny (mites) raffle--we talked about the various projects and then gave each student 10 raffle tickets/mites; they could drop these into the buckets for the different projects (put them all in one or spread them out). All of the projects got funded but the voting helped determine which ones got more funding--it was a way for them to drop their mites into the offering box
  • Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet at the Last Supper--we put together foot care packages for the local homeless shelter (which was housed at our church on Friday nights).
  • Mary/Christmas--we made no-sew baby receiving blankets for a local organization--caring for baby Jesus/all babies
  • Ruth--we put together dried bean soup jars for a local food pantry--the tie in was Ruth gleaning for grain so that she and Naomi wouldn't go hungry

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