I found a few places where you could find some lesson ideas, which I will link to further down in this post.  I'll also let you know how I used the site to find these lesson ideas--this might be helpful the next time you are looking for lesson ideas.

The blue menu bar has "Lessons and Resources".  When you click on this, you have lots of options for lessons (and other resources).  If you click on "Exodus to Deuteronomy", you'll find a forum for Moses/Pharaoh/Plagues/Passover.  There are a few options here:

  • You could click on the Drama/Puppet Ideas.  There are several detailed lessons here, as well as some ideas.    
  • I also find it helpful to click on any "Complete Lesson Plans".  They may (or may not) have the type of workshop that I am looking for.  This lesson set by Kirk of Kildaire has a nice drama lesson. 

Another option that you have as a Supporting Member (and thank you for that support!) is to use the search function.  On the blue menu bar, you can click on the magnifying lens symbol and go from there.

Supporting members also have access to the Writing Team Lessons.  Under Lessons and Resources, you can also find a menu listing all of the  Writing Team sets.  We don't have them for every Bible story out there, but it is worth taking a look whenever you are exploring lesson ideas.

I hope that this helps!



Hi Cheryl,

Back in 2004 I wrote an interactive skit which we did with these age groups for VBS and I since have also used it in our drama workshop.  I have just posted the script here.

Jaymie did a fun Story Table Drama Workshop found here that uses some of the same props. Here kids set-up the scenes with miniature props and then photograph them.  You then create a booklet (print) or slideshow (save to DVD for them).  All ages at our church love doing God's Story Table at our church, more details here.

Both are found in the drama/puppet section Cathy pointed out above.

Blessings on your lesson planning!


This might have actually come from an old WoRM lesson set a few years.  I inherited it.

Flight From Egypt–Drama Workshop


Michelle was correct and so I've removed the duplicate lesson. 

It was written by "Kirk of Kildaire" and is part of their complete lesson set on "Moses, Plagues & Passover" you can see the drama lesson Michelle's referring to here at

Thanks Michelle for reminding people of this great lesson!


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Do the book "Green Plagues & Lamb", by Kathleen Long Bostrom.  It tells the story in Dr. Seuss style.  We did it with our intergenerational church program, and they loved it.  Here's a little bit: "That God-I-Am! That God-I-Am!  I do not like that God-I-Am!"  "May we go to Canaan-land?" "You may not go, Moses-man!"  It's really fun.

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