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Mother's Day Skit

Hi, We did a mother's day news skit at our church, and included children from pre-k through our high schoolers. We hosted Mother's day coffee hour following church, provided refreshments and treats, and showed our skit with our projector while all were enjoying snacks. You can change the names or alter it, but the response from it was overwhelming. Feel free to use it as you may.

(Intro Screen of WWJD Poster)

(Camera zooms in to reporters at News Desk)

Karen Harmen: “Thanks for joining us here at WWJD News, St John’s home for news, weather, and traffic. I’m Karen Harmen ….

Gil Gordon: “And I’m Gil Gordon. First, let’s get you caught up on the weather. Our own Chuck Dakota is standing by.”

(Scene is outside in the Rose Garden)

Chuck Dakota: “We’re here outside in beautiful Wyandotte, and let me tell you guys, it is a beautiful 80 degrees outside! But, that is set to change, so enjoy it while you can. When the sun goes down, so will the temperature! Expect a low of 40 degrees overnight, accompanied by rain showers, turning to snow by early morning. But by midday tomorrow, the temperatures will be climbing back into the 80’s. Gotta love this crazy Michigan weather! Back to you guys.

(Scene is at News Desk)

KH: Interesting forecast, WOW!

GG: “Indeed, now let’s check in with Cam Cameron to get a look at the traffic conditions right now in your area….. Cam?”

(Scene is in the parking lot, with cars in the backround)

Cam Cameron: “Thanks guys! I’m on the corner of 4th and Oak Street, and looking at the roads right now, traffic appears to be at a standstill! If your expecting to go anywhere right now, give yourself plenty of extra time, there’s nothing but Sunday driver’s out here! Back to you guys.”

(Scene is at the News Desk)

GG: “Thanks Cam.” (Looking over to KH), “Hey Karen, did you know that today is Mother’s Day?”

KH: “What!?!?! Are you serious?!?!” (Grabs cell phone and dials)

GG: “That’s right! Mother’s are being celebrated all over the country today.”

KH: (Talking on cell phone) “Hello? Fabulous Flowers? I would like to order one dozen roses for my mom. What!?!?! $35 for a dozen roses?!?! How much are your Carnations?”…………..”Ok, that’s better, let’s go with the Carnations.”

GG: “Our field reporter Ron Jones is at a local Sunday school to see why kids think there moms are so special.”

(Scene is interviewing youngsters)

RJ: “We’re here at St John’s Sunday school to ask these kids what they love most about their moms, let’s take a look.”

(RJ Interviews numerous kids- asking why mom is so special)

RJ: “So there you have it. Reporting live from St John’s Sunday school, I’m Ron Jones.”

(Scene is at the News Desk)

KH: “What a great bunch of kids! They should make moms everywhere proud.”

GG: “Speaking of moms, our own Danny Wilson had a chance to catch up with a few moms at a local gathering spot, Dan?”

DW: “That’s right, I’m here on the lookout for moms to see what they would like for Mother’s day, and here’s what they had to say.”

(Interviews of moms from Pancake Breakfast)

DW: “I sure hope our viewers were paying attention. Now you know what mom wants, and you heard it exclusively here on WWJD News. This is Dan Wilson reporting live. Back to you guys.”

(Scene is at News Desk)

GG: “Thanks Dan. Coming up next, we’ll check in with a group of dads who oppose this holiday.”

KH: “That’s right Gil, these guys are actually demanding that this holiday be cancelled. (Shaking Head)

GG: “More to come on this story, but first let’s get a word from our sponsor.”

(Commercial Skit)

(Scene at News Desk)

GG: “Well there’s always a scrooge to every holiday, and this one is no different.”

KH: “Let’s take you live to the site of the protest with our field reporter Lisa Bates, Lisa?”

(Scene is outside with group of dads protesting with signs, chanting “NO WAY TO MOTHER’S DAY!”)

LB: “I’m here at the Mother’s day protest site, where these men are against celebrating the holiday for moms. Let’s see if I can talk to one of these guys……”

(Stopping Bob Tims for an interview)

LB: “Excuse me sir, can I have a word with you?”

BT: “Sure”

LB: “Sir, why are you out here protesting?”

BT: “We just want equality. We work just as hard as moms do, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, fixing up the house…….we feel we deserve the same recognition as moms do, that’s all.”

LB: “But sir, you are aware of Father’s Day, right?”

BT: <puzzled look> “What?” <Turns to other dads>”Guys, what about Father’s Day?”

(Dad’s mumbling and throwing signs down, walking away.)

LB: “I think my job is done here, back to you guys.”

(Scene is at News Desk with both News reporters laughing)

KH: “Looks like those guys will be sleeping on the couch tonight.”

GG: “Yeah, smooth move guys! Well, that raps up today’s edition of WWJD News. We hope you enjoyed our program. This is Gil Gordon….”

KH: “……and this is Karen Harmen signing off. And to all of you mother’s out there…….”

(Closing Screen – Everyone gathered around the news desk Shouting “Happy Mother’s Day!!!”)


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