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"I Am the Lord Your God"


There is a Natalie Sleeth ten commandments song in "I Believe"from Augsburg/Fortress, I think (the second part of it being the creed). The refrain is a sort of call/repetition of 'I am the Lord your God' which makes it easy to teach.

Flinstones Themed Song:


Here's a song sung to the tune of the Flinstones Theme (think it may have been from Children's Ministry magazine?)...

Learn the Ten Commandments.
They're the rules that come from God above.
Learn the Ten Commandments.
They're the rules that are the rules of love.
God's first, don't have idols, do not swear
Keep the Sabbath, show your folks you care,
don't kill, commit adultery,
steal, lie, or covet what belongs to
your friends and neighbors,
be faithful unto God!

The kids had a lot of fun learning it!

Jingle Bells Tune


The song I have used to teach the Commandments to children age 4 to 12 is sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. They learned it well after singing it through a few times.

No other Gods, No idols
Don't misuse Gods name
Keep the Sabbath holy
That's Gods special day.HEY (Shout out Hey)
Honor your Mother and Father
Don't murder, lust or steal
No false tales, don't envy
This is Gods great deal. HEY

Head to Heart Curriculum


Our confirmation curriculum, Head to the Heart, features a CD with really great songs. It can be ordered separate from the curriculum at

The curriculum includes songsheets for each song that is for piano (and maybe guitar??). I don't know if you can purchase the songsheets separately, but they've always been helpful in answering questions.

There are also other CDs of memory verses.


Hi Rhonda,

When we did the 10 Commandments theme song to the tune of the Flintstones, I looked EVERYWHERE for a CD of just the music and was unsuccessful. I even bought an old Flintstones video tape but it had the words ...... soooooooo, as a last resort, I banged out the right hand notes on the keyboard in the key of A and taped it. That's what we used each Sunday. The most important thing is that the kids learn it and they did! One of the requirements of confirmation is knowing the 10 commandments and all of the kids were able to recite them because they learned it thru music! Praise God!
Thanks to Wendy for the Flintstones song. One of our guitar-playing young people made a tape that helped the kids to learn it, and in week 3 of the rotation, they are belting out the song, and have some actions that go with it. It has been a big hit!
There are so many great ideas here. Thanks to everyone for all the contributions!

"The Perfect 10"


I found "The Perfect 10" on One Way Street's TOP SING-A-LONG SONGS. It has both the song and the soundtrack. Hope you are able to get it in time.

the words are: number 1 we've just begun God should be first in your life
number 2 these are the rules .....

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Cindy Dingwall
posted July 10, 2003 07:30 AM
A song for learning The Ten Commandments can be found in my book, "Bible Time With Kids"(Abingdon, 1997)

Cindy Dingwall

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"The Ten Commandments Boogie"


We use simple instruments and the song "The Ten Commandments Boogie" by the group Go Fish. The timing is tricky at first, but the kids request this song after they get used to it. I use a wall poster listing the Ten Commandments, so I can refer to it whenever one of the commandments comes up in a lesson.

I decided to use the "Flintstones" theme idea for the Ten Commandments song and was successful in finding sheet music at There was a charge of $4.95 but that was minimal to me because otherwise, I have to call/drive all over trying to find it. This way, I just printed it from my computer. ( I am also allowed to save it to my computer so I can print it again later ,if needed).

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Nansi Posted 

SONG: Ten Commandments to the tune of The Flintstones
written by Nansi Hawkins, Dec. 2007

Love God- always love God!
Don’t love idols either wood or stone.

Honor- always God’s Name,
On the Sabbath think of all God’s done.

Love your- parents all your living days;
Don’t hurt- other people in bad ways.

Faithful- be so faithful,
Do not steal or lie, or be filled,
Do not be filled with
Be filled with love, not greed!

written by Nansi Hawkins, Feb. 28, 2008

O Moses crossed the red, Reed Sea
There’s one more river to cross
And brought his folks from slaver-ee
There’s one more river to cross refrain

Refrain: There’s one more river: that’s the river of Jordan  on the refrain, have the kids
There’s one more river: just one more river to cross. jump across a ‘river’ (blue fabric)

In desert bleak they’re hungr-ee
There’s one more river to cross
So God sent down some manna-ee
There’s one more river to cross refrain

A mount so high ahead they see
There’s one more river to cross
It’s called God’s Mount, the Sinai-ee
There’s one more river to cross refrain

Brave Moses scaled the Sinai-ee
There’s one more river to cross
And forty days aloft was he,
There’s one more river to cross refrain

The Golden Calf from jewelr-ee
There’s one more river to cross
God’s people made to worship-ee
There’s one more river to cross refrain

And Moses was so anger-ee
There’s one more river to cross
He told them ‘God gives up on ye!’
There’s one more river to cross

But God and Moses showed merc-ee
There’s one more river to cross
And gave the Ten Commandments-ee
There’s one more river to cross refrain

Then on to Promised Canaan-ee
There’s one more river to cross
And up the Mount of Nebo-ee
There’s one more river to cross refrain

There Moses saw the Jordan-ee
There’s one more river to cross
The Promised Land they longed to see
There’s one more river to cross refrain

So God and Moses waved good-bee
There’s one more river to cross
To all their people walking free
There’s one more river to cross refrain

SONG: PROMISED LAND Alternate lyrics
written by Nansi Hawkins, 2000

1. On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand & cast a wishful eye;
Upon the fair and happy land where my desires lie.

Refrain: I am bound for the Promised Land,
I’m bound for the Promised Land
O, who will come and go with me?
I am bound for the Promised Land.

2. All children here shall eat their fill,
And hunger here shall cease
Goodness & mercy shall be ours,
And we shall live God’s peace. (refrain)

3. God’s home shall be among… us,
And our home is secure
God will wipe away our every tear
In the waters clean and pure (refrain)

4. Life sweet and laughing, joy abounding
Marks our every hour
Now all our dear ones gather ‘round
A circle in Love’s bower. (refrain)

5. Gather every heart and every life:
No one be left behind.
God’s true desire is every child
Shall know this life sublime. (refrain)

6. So eat the bread and drink the cup,
The foretaste of the Land;
Give strength and joy to all we meet,
To walk all hand in hand (refrain)

"The Ten Simple Rules"


We are using the Ten Commandments this year during our Wednesday night program. We are using "The Ten Simple Rules" by Mercy Me. It was written for children. Very very catchy and easily memorized!


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