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A Look at our Navigational Menus & Features...

If you're viewing our site on your desktop or laptop, you will see a MENU BAR (aka "Community Menu") at the top of every page.  Depending on our changing color schemes, it might be blue or autumn gold, whatever. 

On "small" screens, the Menu Bar disappears and you see what's known as a "hamburger" menu icon on the upper left portion of every screen. It has the same menu options as the Menu Bar.

Colors and wording do change on the menu bar but the layout and OPTIONS remain fairly constant.


Below the Menu Bar is a field of clickable links called "The Trail of Breadcrumbs."  

This too is a navigational menu –showing you where you are as you "drill down" through the website's Categories, Forums and Topics. It's a handy way to "go back one level" too.


Click to see an enlarged view of the Breadcrumbs menu,
or just scroll up to the top of this page to see it!



On small screens, the menus collapse and content is reorganized to fit.


Alert! Alert!

If the button next to your Profile Pic ("avatar") turns green, it means someone has left you a private message, or posted to your Profile Wall, or "bookmarked/liked" a post you made.



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  • menu: Click me to enlarge
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THE OPTIONS MENU options - change to permalink

Located in the lower right corner of every post. Some options are available only to Supporting Members or certain types of posts, in certain forums.

Edit   (not shown in this screen shot)  This option is visible for 60 minutes after you post. (If you need more time to edit, let us know.)

Report Topic   Alerts the Moderator about a problem in the post. Use to report Bad Links.

Show this post's exact URL... Creates a unique direct web address to a particular post so that you can copy that address from your browser's address field. (Also known as a "Permalink.")

Printer-Friendly   Strips the page of non-printer-friendly elements.

Reply with Quote   Opens a "Reply" window with a copy of the post you're referring to. (You can edit this text to remove all but the pertinent part.)



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  • options - change to permalink
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Question: How do you know if content has been UPDATED or IMPROVED?

Answer: Click the Secret Magic Asterisk!


Every post has a "Date Created" date and almost every post has a "Last Edited" date.
(If you don't see an asterisk, then a post hasn't been updated... yet!)

The edit may have been done by the original author,

   ...or by a volunteer editor

       ...or by Wormy the Admin, or our "Lesson Formateer."

If you see a post that needs updated/fixed/improved, click the OPTIONS link on that post and select "REPORT." This will notify the moderator to look at it.


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To "Follow" a topic you are especially interested in, click the BELL ICON next to the Topic Title.

This will send you an email notification every time a new "reply" post is added to that topic. To "unfollow" that topic, click the Bell icon to deactivate it.



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  • BELL-featureupdate-wide
  • BELL-featureupdate2
  • BELL-featureupdate-notitle
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