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This thread is for posting/collecting MISC Noah's Ark ideas and resources especially for Preschoolers and Toddler.

Thanks for teaching my story to the little dudes!

< )))< Noah

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Preschool Ideas:

We did Noah in VBS a couple of years ago.

Games: I got some great pre-school games from "The Humongous Book of Games for Children's Ministry" by Group ISBN 0-7644-2355-X. Can order from
Video: Noah's Ark (Enchanted Tales) by Sony Wonder, 2003 (original 1995), B00007M5H2. YouTube
Puzzle: Noah's Ark Floor Puzzle.
Book: Noah's Ark Felt - A Felt Play Storybook, by Standard Publishing, 1999, 9780784711170 .
Craft Ideas:

  1. Banner: We made with all the children and teachers, making a huge rainbow...each class used a different color of paint and their hand prints. You could make a smaller one using the same concept.
  2. Noah's Ark: On brown paper they trace both hands for the ark. Put sideways with finger tips overlapping on a larger piece of construction paper and glue on pairs of foam animal shapes we'd purchased from Oriental Trading.
  3. Necklaces: Using rainbow beads (Oriental Trading 48/2015 300pc - discontinued) and Fabulous Animal Foam Beads (Oriental Trading 57/26 500pc - discontinued) string on Nylon Rainbow cording (Oriental Trading 12/1047 - discontinued).
    Hope this helps!
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Kid's this age love hands on - get a really nice board book that's large enough for everyone to see the pictures (example: Come Aboard Noah's Ark, by: Deborah Chancellor & Julie Downing, Tyndale, 1999, ISBN: 0842335919) and read it to them. Then pull out a boat and a pile of plastic animals. Over the years I've picked up different toy arks, some made out of plastic or cloth. Fisher Price (Little People) has a Noah's Ark that's lovely. After telling the story we always act it out using the story props. Someone is in charge of the boat, others take a family member (such as Noah), I've used bathtube people or any toy person for this if you don't have them, other children take animals (they can hide this in their hand until it's time for Noah to load the boat with two of each and he has to find the pairs and get them to board the boat. When your done - you do it again only the children get to pick something different this time. Add a rainbow, blue scarf for water, brown scraf for land, etc. Remember to have the kid's make lots of noise for their animals - I can only imagine what life on the ark (noise levels) must have been like.

Block Center:

Is always great - have a pile of blocks - talk about building the boat, then have the children build a large ark together or individual arks.

Book Center:

Have an assortment of Noah's Ark books that they can sit down and browse through. If you have an adult who can sit in this area, they can read the books the children pick.

Puzzle and Matching Center:

Below are some of my favourite and useful because they cover other stories as well.

Bible Storytelling Blocks, by Cook, ISBN: 9834503539. There are nine nice sized blocks that sequence six different stories. Outside of each block is in a certain colour so kids can figure which pictures to turn up for a particular story. They are also numbered in one corner. Have the children put the story of Noah in the correct order. Then looking at each block picture tell you what is happening. Mix them up and have another child take a turn. Great fun! Stories covered - Good Samaritan, Easter, Christmas, Jacob, Noah, Red Sea.

Bible Heroes Wooden Puzzle Blocks, Standard, 2005, ISBN: 0707529057. Nine smaller blocks than the above set, but each side gives you a bible story picture. Also has a nice wooden tray. Six pictures are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Deborah, David, and Esther.

Card Games there are lots of card games out there, again check your local christian bookstore for cards games on Noah - match the animals. They are generally oversized for younger children.

Noah and the Ark Puzzle Mat, Cook, 2005 (discontinued now), 81 foam pieces are easy for little fingers to grasp and form a large, colorful image showing the story of Noah's Ark! Completed it's 3 feet by 3 feet. Comes in a vinyl zippered tote bag. The completed puzzle is a delight to look at and children can sit on the little 3'x3' cushion while someone tells them the Bible story. Using same mat as a game - because a trail runs between six picture bubbles - I'd also use it as a game once it's put together. Take a black permanent marker and divide the trail up if you have older children and want more spaces. Using toy animals as game pieces and a large rubber dice (coloured dice for younger children) have the children travel the board following the story of Noah. There were others in this set - Creation, Christmas and Easter.

Make you own Matching Games:

Buy stickers of Noah - take cardstock and cut into equal squares - make up matching sets to use as card game or turn them upside down to find matching pairs.

- Using jello boxes - reseal shut, then find or downsize on photocopier pictures from the story of Noah's ark and paste one to each jello box for story sequencing. Or to make a puzzle, take a picture the size of 6 jello boxes laying flat, cut picture into six equal sizes and paste onto jellow boxes and you have an instant puzzle. Store in ziplock bags.

Sandbox Center

Here we retell the story during play, it’s often fun to start off with a treasure hunt.
Examples: bury in the sand pairs of animals the children need to find. Good idea to know how many items you buried.
Next ask them where today’s story took place, have them arrange sandbox for story - was there a lake or river, props - buildings, people, animals.
Next, with prompting as needed, have them tell the story back to you using the toy props you’ve provided, sometimes you may want to assign children a prop (then retell story again-different children with different props).

Supplies suggestions:
Simple sand box – buy a plastic under the bed storage tub with a flat bottom, lay a piece of blue heavy vinyl cut to size of bottom, cover with 1 bag of sand purchased at building supply store. The reason for the blue vinyl is the kids can part the Red Sea, have Jesus preach from a boat, have the flood carry away Noah's boat, no water needed, just part the sand! Place on a table (coffee table height) children can stand at this center. They will get sand on the floor so have a drop cloth or something easy to shake out or sweep up each week.

Water spray bottles to wet down sand (have one with water mixed with a bit of Javex to sterilize sand – spray at final clean up each Sunday). Replace sand and clean tub at least twice a year or more depending on use.

(Note: keep sandbox items separate from other centers, sand tends to scratch them).

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I was in charge of the childcare for volunteers' children during River Community Church's Marketplace Vacation Bible School, 2011-2015. We were working our way through the Old Testament, starting with Creation in 2011.  I am sharing all of my teaching notes here as we did Noah several times, in case the general ideas from my rough outlines are of use to someone.

We filled our 3 1/2 hours each day with story and activities related to some of the same stories the "big" (elementary aged) children were studying. Most of the time was spent in learning centers related to the day’s story and in free play, so it was not truly rotation, but many ideas were gleaned from this site and some ideas listed here could be expanded to full Sunday-school-hour-long lessons for younger children.

Each year we had a different overarching theme for the week. Those are included in the lesson notes below. Some of the activities tie into those as well.



MAIN STORY: Noah, the ark, and the flood (Genesis 6:1-8:19)

THEME: The Living Word is revealed through obedience (Jesus wants us to obey him)
VERSE: So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)

SNACK: Bread, cheese, and water (Matthew 26:26-29)  or Rainbow wafers and milk (Genesis 9:13). 


  • Animal pairs cards (for matching/memory game)
  • Stained glass rainbow supplies:
    • tissue paper cut in squares
    • wax paper
    • white glue
    • paper plates
    • Q-tips
    • black construction paper
    • glue sticks
    • scissors
  • Paint shirts
  • Washable paint
  • paper plates
  • foam brushes
  • Large piece of paper
  • baby wipes
  • Noah’s ark floor puzzle
  • Noah’s ark playset
  • Library books with the Noah story
  • Make an ocean in a bottle ( in a bottle)
    • empty 2-liter soft drink bottle
    • water
    • blue food coloring
    • mineral oil
    • glue
    • hot glue
  • Wee Worship 123 Favorite Bible Songs
  • CD player


  • Art: rainbow lacing cards: http://www.dltk
  • Book: a variety of library books with the Noah’s ark story story.
  • Blocks: have a pile of blocks - talk about building the boat, then have the children build an ark.
  • Play table: Noah, Mrs. Noah, animals, and ark
  • Puzzle: Noah’s ark floor puzzle
  • Science: Look at and talk about the ocean in a bottle. Ask if they have ever seen a large body of water (such as the ocean or Lake Pontchartrain). Talk about being in boats and the waves rocking back and forth
  • Other: Coloring sheets, there are many online, here are a few:


Ask if anyone remembers yesterday’s story. (Adam and Eve disobey God)
Tell the children that today’s story is also from Genesis, and it is about someone who obeys God.

Read: Noah’s Ark by Jerry Pinkney.

What did God ask Noah to do?
Did Noah do it? I wonder why?
I wonder how it felt to be in the ark with all that rain?
I wonder what it was like to be surrounded by so much water?
I wonder how God felt about the animals and people in the ark?
I wonder how they felt when they saw the rainbow?
I wonder what are some of the things God asks us to do?

Teach the children today’s memory verse.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

FAITH The signs THINK (index finger touches the forehead which is the location of the mind) and HOLD (hands hold [grip] something) are combined.

COMES The fingers move towards the body to indicate the concept come.

BY One A handshape (fist with thumb out) passes the other A handshape.

HEARING Point to ear: a natural gesture to indicate the concept of hearing something.

HEARING Point to ear: a natural gesture to indicate the concept of hearing something.

BY One A handshape (fist with thumb out) passes the other A handshape.

WORD The fingertips of the forefinger and thumb (the G handshape) tap the extended forefinger of the other hand.

GOD The hand is raised to the heavens and then downward in a sign of respect.


Done to the tune of Old MacDonald:

Mr. Noah built a boat,
Like God told him to.
and on his boat he had two (cats, dogs, etc.)
Like God told him to.
With a (meow, ruff, etc.) here...

From “Noah’s Ark Ideas (not complete lesson plans)

“Rise and Shine” from Wee Worship (disc 3, track 2).


Memory/Matching Game:
Ideally, a set of animal cards would work best. Another option would be to print pictures of animals from the internet. These could be cut out and put on the back of index cards or small pieces of cardboard. Spread the animal cards face down on the table. About 30 cards/15 sets of animals would be a good number. Each student takes a turn flipping over 2 cards. If they get a match, they can put the pair into the ark. If they do not get a match, the cards should be flipped back over face down. This should be a non-competitive game. The goal is for the class to fill the ark. If the children are having a difficult time getting matches after 4 or 5 turns, allow the cards to remain face up for the rest of the game.
From Noah Lesson set, Augustana Lutheran Church.

Two by Two:
Have an ark relay game where the kids line up and go into the ark in groups of two while acting out motions for the animal they drew out of a deck.

“Simon Says” – Talk about how Noah was obedient to God and did what God said


Stained Glass Rainbow:
As the children work, ask:
Have you ever seen a rainbow?
How do you think Noah felt when he saw the rainbow for the first time?
What does the rainbow remind us?



Bread, cheese, and water (Matthew 26:26-29). Review the story of how God was sad because everything that was good and clean and new at creation seemed spoiled. Talk about how it feels to be washed to be clean and new and to start all over again. Talk about the promise we remember whenever we see a rainbow. Talk about the promise Jesus made when he broke the bread and shared it with his friends.

or SNACK: Rainbow wafers and milk (Genesis 9:13). Remember the story of Noah and God’s promise that the rainbow reminds us of.



work with a few children at a time to create a large rainbow out of painted hand prints. Help them sign their names. Hang it on the wall when the paint is dry.


ASL Browser - source of explanations of the signs used for the memory verse: has ASL instructions.



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