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SIX downloadable software programs
from the Kids Interactive Bible Series!

Everyone can read and view the descriptions and screenshots from each program, read their Teaching Outlines, and see which lessons at our site reference them. Supporting Members can access the download links and install these programs on computers at their church and their church members' homes for free.  Join now and download all the software for free.

Kids Interactive Bible software montage

These six titles are in addition to the original 18 software programs donated by Sunday Software. Our thanks to Educational Publishing Concepts for donating the use of these programs to our members and to Sunday Software for arranging the donation.

In order to prepare the software for easy downloading and your teaching use, asked Neil (Sunday Software) to revise, update, and donate his Teachers' Outlines to these six programs as well as his Tech Notes, and create downloadable installation programs for each program so you can install them on as many hard drives as you wish within your church and congregation.

Ages 4-10. These are Windows only and will run on XP through Windows 11 with our tech notes. The software can be used by the teacher to present to a group of students or can be installed on multiple computers in a lab setting. The Kids Interactive Bible Series went out of print several years ago but was a long-time favorite of Rotation Model computer labs. Be sure to read the tech notes that show you how to make these programs fill more of your screen.

How to change the Windows Display Scale

Why "software" for teaching the Bible?

The Workshop Rotation Model is founded on the principle that students learn better when we teach with many different mediums and creative techniques.  Thus, our Model and website "workshop" lessons are organized around the categories of art, games, video, drama, cooking, music, etc. -- and interactive media such as Bible software and Bible apps.  In 2020, our site was given Bible software to share with our members. And now we're excited to share six more great software teaching resources with you.
Learn more in our "Computer Workshop" forum.

Why is the software only available to Supporting Members?

As a volunteer-led non-profit, we depend on Supporting Memberships to pay for our website's platform, vast storage, and content management. To encourage that support, we make certain premium resources, like the software and our Writing Team Lesson Sets, available to those who make this site possible. Join them! It's just $45 a year. The free software downloads alone are worth hundreds of dollars.


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