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The October 2017  "Advent Prep" Enews

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For two decades we've been collecting and "curating" great Sunday School ideas, lesson plans, and resource recommendations from members of our community --our "crowd of witnesses." Our "curators" check the content, improve readability, maintain links, and often improve on what's been shared. In addition to posting content, members are encouraged to tell others how they have adapted what others have posted. is a Group Effort is about having many choices, not just one.

Unlike a publisher that is forced to "retire" good material in favor of what they have to sell now, our model is "bring it on!"   ...and our storage capacity for good ideas, no matter how "old," is virtually unlimited.

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New from the Writing Team!

Jesus and Nicodemus

"How to See the Kingdom"

"Gennatha Anothen!"
Everyone can read the Bible Background and Lesson Summaries.
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Coming Early November from the WT:

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane:  This all-new set of six lessons features a "garden stone" Art Workshop, a Drama about being asleep or awake with Jesus, and the best Jesus in the Garden video clip of all time!  

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