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We just finished 4 weeks of 10 Commandments. We used many ideas from this site. In paticular the grouping of the commandments, Our Relationship w/God, with family, with community pleased the teachers.

I loved the idea of "No Mirrors in my Nana's House". I had the song on tape and was looking for a lesson to use it in! The teacher said all the classes really enjoyed the music and the message.

One activity I used in the Community Class: "Poor Old Charlie Brown"
Materials: jeans, shirt, shoes, small pillows, balloon, tape, ropes, marker, chair.

Instruct class to stuff the clothes with the pillows, draw a face on the balloon and tape to shoulders. Set the lifesize doll in a chair. They have just made "Poor Old Charlie Brown"! Don't take more than 5 minutes to do this.

Using Charlie as the scapgoat have the youth act out the following scenes. After each scene ask what commandment address the situation.

  1. Choose 2 people. Each stands on one side of Charlie. One person will say mean things aobut Charlie and the other will say how those things are hurtful and then says kind things about Charlie. Discuss how it feels to be singled out and ridiculed.
  2. Choose 2 people. One is Charlies' sibling, the other their parent. The sibling tries to tell the parent that it was Charlie that broke the bed by jumping on it. The parent tries to find out the truth. Discuss what it is like to have someone tell lies about us.
  3. Have each student find something about Charlie that they would like to have (covet). (suggestion: it doesn't have to be a material thing, what about Charlie's great singing voice!) Ask why they covet such things.
  4. Have each student steal something from Charlie, (clothing, pillows, head, etc.) until he is dismantled and there is nothing left. Discuss what it would be like to have everything stolen from us.

    The children enjoyed sharing their feelings and opinions during this activity!

Moderator Notes:

  1. "No Mirrors in Nana's House" - song YouTube.  Lovely, but I was wondering how it ties with the 10 commandments (maybe she was going for - love your neighbour as yourself)?
  2. Julie's Charlie Brown Activity above has been used in Amy Crane's DRAMA WORKSHOP on the Ten Commandments by River Community look under complete lessons.

Originally posted by Neil MacQueen

Two Discussion Resources:

1. Voting Game about "How Well Do I Follow the Ten Commandments?"

2. Moses on the Mountain with God, some questions about how it feels to be close to God and how to prepare yourself for that event in your life?

 1. Voting Game "How well do I follow the 10 Commandments"

On the wall are several sheets of paper with "votes" on them: "Always, Sometimes, Rarely, Never"

Teacher: After you read the question, the kids move to register their 'vote'. After each vote, ask a follow up question. Take notice of some people changing their answer to go along with the group.

1. I have given God first place in my life. God is more important to me than popularity, money, friends, or winning at sports. I give all of my time, my talents and my life to God.


Follow-up: Jake, what helps/hinders you from making God first?


2. When I use the name of God or Jesus, I use it with respect and love, showing by my words what they mean to me.


Follow-up: Jane, why do you sometimes use the name of God in vain? How can we encourage others to break this bad habit?


3. I make room in my day to be with God, through reading the Bible, silent prayer and joyful worship.


Follow-up: What can do you do to remind yourself to make more time?
I respect and love my parents. I try to help them, without being


4. Regarding Honoring my parents, I do a good job trying to show appreciation with my words and deeds.

Follow-up: Jake: Name two things you could thank your parents for today.


5. I have a respect for all life, as life comes from God. I confront violence and bullying, and share God's concern for people who live with in fear.


Follow-up: How do words and racism "murder" others?


6. I respect and protect the property of others. I refuse to go along with those who take things from other people.


Follow-up: How can you steal a person's dignity?


7. I try hard to tell the truth about what I do and to hold back judgement about others until I hear the facts.

8. I do not gossip about others.


Follow-up: What should you do when you hear Gossip?


9. I am a jealous person.


10. In the group that I hang out with, living according to the Ten Commandments is hard.


Follow-up: What should you do when your 'friends' lead you to break God's Commandments?

2. Discussion Questions for "Moses on the Mountain"


How do you think Moses felt when he saw God?

How would you have felt if a cloud descended on you and you heard God's voice?

Okay...how does God speak to us today?

How did the Israelites feel when Moses was up on the mountain for so long a time period? (Why were they feeling abandoned?)

What did the Israelites do to show their fear?

How did Moses react when he saw what they were doing?

If you were God, what would YOU have done then?

What did God do to punish Moses and the Israelites?

And...what did God do to HELP Moses and the Israelites after that?

For reflection:

  • How does God "appear" to people today?
  • What is it about the top of a mountain that might help a person feel close to God? (being alone, away)
  • Where are some other places you can go that makes you feel close to God?
  • How does a person feel when they sense God close to them?
  • What does that closeness feel like?
  • What are some reactions people might have when they think God is close?
  • How do you know it is God?
  • What prepares you for a "close encounter" with God? (What was Moses doing?)
  • How long does the feeling and close encounter last?
  • How do you know it is real?
  • What will be the reaction of others?

Ten Commandments in Hebrew


found a couple of sites - not exactly good photos but maybe you can print and enlarge. On some sites you may have to scroll down to see Commandments. try: www.levitt.com/hebrew/commandments.html


Hope these help. Is there a synagogue in your town - I am sure they would be glad to help you.

web link corrected by exchange volunteer.

Teach the Ten Commandments with your Fingers!

Originally posted by member Tdubfun

You will have fun teaching children & adults God's Rules with simple finger motions. You will never forget God's Commandments again!
I did not create the motions (author unknown) just modified some of the movements. Enjoy!

Raise One Finger - Remember there is ONE God and you shall worship Him only. He's number One!

Two Fingers - You shall not make any idols to worship. Not one, not TWO, not any. Do not make any toys, games, belongings, money or ‘things’ be more important than God.

Three Fingers - Do not use the Lord’s name in vain.
The three fingers form the letter W. The letter W reminds us of the WORDS we speak. The WORDS we speak should never misuse the name of the Lord. God’s name is special.(Place W by corner of mouth and ark forward as if speaking words out of mouth)

Four Fingers - Keep the Sabbath Day holy.
Turn the four fingers pointing up 90 degrees down and have the thumb resting on the four fingers like a bed. The thumb resting on the four fingers can remind us that we are to rest, reflect and remember God’s Day. Work six days, rest and worship on 7th.

Five Fingers - Honor your father and mother.
Raise hand as if to be saying a pledge such as a scout pledge. “On my honor, I will try…” You honor your parents when you respect and obey them.

Six Fingers - You shall not murder.
Take the single finger hand and point at the five fingers as if you are shooting at them.

Seven Fingers - (5+2) You shall not commit adultery.
Marriage is a good thing. The two pointing fingers represent one man and one woman together in marriage. Turn the two fingers upside down and stand together on the other hand now flat at 90 degrees. Be faithful to your spouse. Kiss and hug only on them .

Eight Fingers - (4+4) You shall not steal.
Take the eight fingers and form jail bars in front of your face. Stealing is wrong and if you steal, you could end up behind bars and in jail.

Nine Fingers - You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
Wiggle the hidden thumb as if he is talking bad, gossiping or saying lies about all the others standing around him.

Ten Fingers - Do not covet what other’s have.
Turn palms and fingers upward and wiggle fingers and draw toward yourself as if you are being greedy and wanting what others have. Do not be jealous or be envious of what your friends or other’s have.

The first FOUR commandments (Raise 4 fingers) tell us how to have a good relationship with God. The last SIX commands (Raise 6 fingers) tell us how to have a good relationship with all the people around us.

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