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This thread topic is for posting any variety of ideas, special programs, celebrations, projects, lessons and materials suitable for use with children to teach the Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus.

If your idea is more about the Resurrection or Easter, please post in THAT forum instead.

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This little three minute video from Pursue God would be a good discussion starter or introduction to a lesson on the Trial in any workshop: Top 5 List: the Trial of Jesus

Main points:

  • Jesus was on trial even though he didn't do anything wrong
  • Peter stayed outside even though he was Jesus' best friend
  • The Jews lied about Jesus even though that was against the law
  • Jesus didn't save himself even though he was strong enough to do it
  • Sometimes life isn't fair but God is still always in charge


There is a K-1 lesson plan pdf at the video link above that includes a coloring sheet if your kids like to color while discussing things. 



Author Jill Kemp has a number of FREE printable one-page Bible storybooks for younger children and preschoolers which use Richard Gunther kid-friendly illustrations.

NEW Testament storybooks:

OLD Testament storybooks:

These include both color and black & white story pages.

Free one-page printable storybook:

You can find more free Bible illustrations by Richard Gunther at and licensed for non-commercial teaching use. Illustrations by themselves are good for teaching non-readers and for using as "charade" or Pictionary clues, and for story-ordering games.

To see all of Gunther's other illustrated stories organized by Bible story go to https://www.freebibleimages.or...tors/richardgunther/


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