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"Passover Potluck" 

A really nice booklet for classroom or Passover/Seder use.   Designed to be given to kids/families or used in Sunday School up to age 9. Retells the Passover story, describes elements of the Passover meal, and has a couple of simple activities.  2019 from Creative Communications,


Note: Though it says "Lenten Activities" on the cover, it just has Passover story and a few activity pages about that story.



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Links to Passover, Seder Resources here at

  1. Last Supper ~ Lord's Supper -- A Passover Seder (Drama) Workshop, a scripted lesson-meal for Sunday School written by the Writing Team.   Students prepare and participate in a shortened version of a Passover Seder —a ritual meal similar to the one Jesus and his disciples celebrated at the Last Supper. They " taste and see " Jesus' words at the Last Supper, and make the connection to our present day celebration of Communion (a.k.a. Lord's Supper, Eucharist), and hope in Christ.  A student-friendly Passover Seder Liturgy is included. Open to Supporting Members.
  2. Jesus Goes to the Cross: A Cooking Workshop "Cross Seder Meal" -- this lesson from our Writing Team creates a "Seder-like" (scripted) meal that walks through Mark's story of the Cross. Foods are shared that remind students of different parts of that story. Open to Supporting Members.

  3. Passover Seder Meal ideas and resources in our public forums.
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