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The 3 lesson outlines below come from a 2001 Summer Rotation I wrote and taught at my former church. We called the Summer Sunday School "Camp Bible Wahoo!" and each of the workshop/spaces had a Bible camp...camping theme.  Easy and inexpensive to set up.

The computers were put in tents in fellowship hall. The theater was a beach we made in a classroom with real sand. and Gospel Grove was a campfire site we created in fellowship hall.

These lessons were only 30 minutes long and were preceded by discussion and song in our "Gospel Grove" space.

To see more details on the Camp layout itself go to the Camp Bible Wahoo here at

Journey's of Paul

3 lesson sketches from Neil MacQueen.

Key Idea:
Paul was unafraid to share his faith with others. Sometimes it was risky then. Sometimes it is risky or hard NOW. What gave him strength? His love of God. What can give you the courage to tell/show others the Good News about Jesus?

Life Application:
What is hard about sharing your faith with others? What should you say to others? How can you show them? Who needs to hear the Good News from YOU?

Computer Camp-out Workshop:

We put up camping tents, tossed in sleeping bags, and laid our computers on them. It was wonderful. This lesson can also be found in the computer workshop forum here link.

Camp-Bible-Wahoo-Camp-Hillard Pres-2

Camp-Bible-Wahoo-Camp-Hillard Pres-3Camp-Bible-Wahoo-Camp-Hillard Pres-4

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Use the Life of Christ and Life of Paul software from Kids Interactive Bible series.

"Life of Paul" software program is now free to the supporting members of, learn how!

Learn more about all 6 programs in this series.

Discovery Interactive’s "Life of Christ" CD has gone out of print (its material
has been turned into an online course). Learn more here!

  1. Ask the kids to tell you what they know about Paul. Introduce Paul as 'another brave follower of God like Daniel whom we just studied." Ask them to review 'what makes someone able to be strong in their faith (like Daniel) and then tell them to be on the look-out for those same traits in Paul.
  2. Life of Christ software: Take a quick look at the New Testament world map in Life of Christ (maps are up on bookshelf in main menu). Paul travelled the Roman Empire and many kids will have no conception of where, how far, the varieties of countries and languages, or the dangers.
  3. the Life of Paul software and go into the Bible Time Theater. View all three clips telling them we'll first be bringing everyone up to speed on 'who is Paul' by looking at his conversion experience, healing miracle and then....the shipwreck video clip. Pay special attention to the shipwreck video. Discuss it in the context of the dangers Paul encountered while traveling. Considering how far and dangerous his travels were, what do you suppose motivated Paul?
  4. Then...we'll pay special attention to the following study notes found in the Discover the Bible Section of the CD:

    Heroes and Villains: Stephen, staying strong in your faith.
    I Wonder: "What is the Good News?"
    Do the Right Thing: How to make it through tough times.
    Sticky Situations: Success and suffering rejection.
    Amazing Facts: Paul suffered through these many things....and still gave thanks.

  5. Finish up with the whole group together. Summarize what's important to know about Paul and his bravery. Then.....Ask them to identify one or two people in their family or among friends who they need to talk to about God (the importance of learning about God, going to church, etc.).

Have them write this person's name on a sheet of paper as someone to invite to Sunday School and worship next week.

Lake Wahoo! Theater (Workshop)

This was a sandy beach we made in one of our classrooms. Real play sand on top of a tarp that had a 2x6x12 frame. It was surrounded by pine (xmas) trees, a picket fence, and lots of beach toys. Way cool and not messy at all believe it or not.

Camp-Bible-Wahoo-Camp-Hillard Pres-1

Use the the Ministry of Paul video from Nest Entertainment.

This video overviews many episodes in the life of Paul, including shipwrecks and being put in jail for his preaching. After the video, (you won't have much time in our 35 minute class this summer), discuss the following:

  • What was the source or reason for Paul's willingness to travel and speak about Jesus in dangerous places?
  • Make a list of places it might be scary places to go and share your faith in Jesus (foreign land, prison, mall, etc.) Ask kids what they would tell others about Jesus? (ie..what's the Good News worth sharing with others).

(Drama) "TALK SHOW" Workshop:

We set this up in fellowship hall. Video camera, teleprompter/flipchart, Stage manager, guest seating, audience, and a lead reporter (one of our teachers) dressed like Oprah.

Kids create and videotape a TV Talk Show filled with "guests".

The Guests are people you have invited in, or the kids have assumed their role: friends, family members, strangers, prisoners, poor people, etc. Oprah would take her microphone out into the audience and ask questions.

Include an interview with PAUL who is also on a long journey. Have Paul go first and describe why he's making the journey, who he is going to visit, and what he's going to say when he gets there. (This will prime the other's pumps).

Lot's of fun.

15 minute Gathering at Gospel Grove:

In this weekly kickoff, we recapped "the story so far", and sang songs.


Our God Reigns (by Leonard Smith) ...'how lovely are the feet of him who brings good news...'

I Will Follow (by Jack Walker)

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus ( a rousing version of the traditional).

All three can be found in various songbooks, including the ubiquitous Songs and Creation) The "Camp Bible Wahoo Theme Song" is located at the bottom of the original Camp Bible Wahoo webpage.

Lesson sketches from Neil MacQueen

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