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Photos of Holy Week - "Interactive Map"

South Suburban Christian Church

We are currently using the curriculum Jesus Washes Feet in the year Messiah.

Pictures 1-5 are of large map in Jerusalem where you place the figures.

Rotation 001

Rotation 002

Rotation 003

Rotation 004

Rotation 005

Photos of Holy Week -"Putt Putt Golf Course"

Pictures 7-16 are of a Holy Week Putt putt golf course.

Rotation 007

Rotation 008

Rotation 009

Rotation 010

Rotation 011

Rotation 012

Rotation 013

Rotation 014

Rotation 015

Rotation 016


Images (15)
  • Rotation 001
  • Rotation 002
  • Rotation 003
  • Rotation 004
  • Rotation 005
  • Rotation 007
  • Rotation 008
  • Rotation 009
  • Rotation 010
  • Rotation 011
  • Rotation 012
  • Rotation 013
  • Rotation 014
  • Rotation 015
  • Rotation 016
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I really like the interactive map idea above!

I'm going to look through my material to find a map of Jesus' last week and draw that onto a large piece of paper and laminate. I'm pretty sure I have a map of Jesus' last week.  If not, I'd do a Google search for a Map of Jesus Last Week.  Take what you find and either get someone to hand draw it from the picture you find OR if you have permission copy onto an overhead and then shine the overhead picture onto your paper (taped to wall - put extra paper behind so markers don't run through onto your wall) and trace.

Looking at the pictures I came up with the following prop suggestion list, in case anyone else wants to use this idea for Easter.

Updated to include additional props I thought of in a post further down.


Could use/Where to buy

Map Location

Tiny People

  • Playmobil people.
  • Lego people.

Oriental Trading - often has small Easter figures and props.

Depends what you have for what characters involved in the Easter Story.


Wooden or Plastic apple (or ornament)

Adam & Eve, first sin

Toy plastic donkey

Toy Store – Educational Store - Dollar Store

Bethepage where disciples get donkey


Palm Branches and

Make out of Lego or blocks

Lego palms or cut palm branches & coat shapes from green felt

City Gate to Cross

Palm Sunday

Toy Palm Trees

Praying Hands

Michaels Craft Store or Hobby Store
Could be Praying Hands lapel pin or Bucket of fun foam christian symbols generally have praying hands symbols included.

Garden of Gethsemane

Tabletop crucifixion cross


3 small crosses


Crown of thorns

Catholic Store’s carry tabletop crucifixions


You can purchase pkg of 12 small wooden crosses on keychains (do an online search).  Crosses are approx. 1 1/2" Long. Idea: Use 3 crosses from package and insert into a small hill made of clay or playdough.

Check Christian stores or websites they often carry Crown of Thorn small lapel pins - cheap and would work great on your table. I cut off the pin at back and it sat on a Playmobil figures head.


Toy Knife

Toy store (Playmobil Soldier)


Bread & Wine Goblet

Bread – create one out of clay or Lego or Playmobil Loaf

Wine Goblet - Lego or Playmobil

Last Supper

Tiny Water Pitcher

Kitchen gadgets store

Mount of Olives

Or Last Supper (disciples to follow man with jug on head)

Toy tables



Small doll house furniture
OR use the 3 legged stands from pizza boxes

Lego or Playmobil

Make a mini scroll for Jesus' Teaching out of rolled paper


Money Changers / Judas payment for his betrayal of Jesus



Paper Crown OR Cut a small Crown from yellow fun foam

Toy mini Rooster


Peter's Denial

Tomb wrappings

White Felt or white cotton


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Thank you so much for your reply.  I googled a map of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus and hand drew it onto posterboard.  I had collected some of your ideas for props, but appreciate your new ideas, especially the figures from OT.  I know I will be adding more as I find them through the year to use in the future.    

Your welcome Judy.  I wanted to do this with my kids so thought I'd share the notes I'd made so far.


Some additional items I've thought of since the other day (I will add into the chart above when I have a free minute) are:

  • Coins - Money Changers / Judas payment for his betrayal of Jesus
  • Palm Branches - Lego palms (the Lego bucket from when my kids were little, years ago, was full of palm trees and branches)
  • Small coat shapes cut out of fabric - Palm Sunday
  • Scroll - make a mini scroll for Jesus' Teaching
  • Toy Rooster - Peter's Denial
  • Praying Hands - could be lapel pin or if you have a bucket of fun foam christian symbols, it will have praying hands (for the Garden)


I absolutely LOVE the mini golf idea and have several ideas on how this could be used for a variety of stories in the Bible or even set up as an interactive prayer labyrinth.  I am just wondering a few technical questions before I attempt.  How big were your class sizes that you worked with?  What ages?  Did you run into any behavioural issues?  Did you break into smaller groups to work through the course?  Did you teach parts of the story at each hole?  Any more info would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS FOR SHARING!!

Hey ZBCC - you are probably better off emailing the original poster. Do you know how to do that? (i.e., do you know how to find her email address)


If she replies to you, let us know!


-- Carol


"Putt Putt Golf Course"

South Suburban Christian Church's previously posted photos of their Holy Week Putt Putt Golf Course, but did not add details as the game came from copyrighted curriculum. So observing those same photos I've created a supply list and "chart" of course layout, to assist others who want to create this game for Easter.

You could also adjust any of the holes to focus on a specific event at Easter not shown. Post photos, with details, if you come up with designs for additional Easter events not included in this set.

Supplies and Preparation:

  • Kid's Plastic Golf Club Set(s)
  • Practice Golf Balls
  • 9 large sheets of cardboard
    • use to create similar hole signs as pictured
  • cardboard tubes for holes
  • 2 med. size boxes and 1 large shoe box
  • assorted paper: brown, orange, red, blue, etc (see photos)
  • a few fake Flowers, such as Lilies, etc.
  • course edges cardboard tubes and/or pool noodles
  • long sheets of paper and/or carpet squares for bases of courses
    • create golf course similar to photos seen in post above
  • glue/tape/scissors/markers
  • optional: create Score Cards, 9 holes see chart for par of each  (one card per student)

Class Size Playing Tips, thinking here . . .

  • small number of children they could play through, starting at # 1, as the wait time to start wouldn't be too long.
  • larger number of children, break into groups of two or three and assign everyone the hole they will start at -- if they start at hole #7 -- they finish at hole #6, etc. (groups can also share a club, to save on number of clubs required). You can also leave holes empty between groups, to help avoid anyone waiting for the next hole to be free.
  • I'd include a photo with scripture or story version taped to back, with a couple of questions for discussion for each hole (story event). These could be viewed, read, and discussed prior to playing each hole.




Hole #1 - Par 4
Jesus washes the disciples feet

Paper Footprints
Hole-looks like hole cut in bottom middle of Par Sign.

Might be fun to add some blue streamers over the hole that the ball rolls through (washed )

John 13:1-15

Hole #2 - Par 6
Love One Another

Paper Red Hearts, varying sizes,fold one edge to glue down. Hole-short piece of cardboard tube

John 13:34-35

Hole #3 - Par 3
Jesus Predicts Peter's denial

Rooster (looks like metal rooster in photo, suggestions would be rooster puppet-can prop up by placing over water bottle, or paper cut-out, picture, etc.)

Hole -short piece of a cardboard tube

John 13:38

Hole #4 - Par 3
God's House

Cardboard box decorated with paper to look like a house, door entrance is hole cut with cup insertedJohn 14:2 (or 14:1:4)

Hole #5 - Par 4
The Way

Hole-short cardboard tube
Path - blue pieces of paper creating a meandering road, hills  appear made from some kind of green fabric wrapped around something) could use bean bags or rolled hand towels (brown/green colours)

John 14:6

Hole #6 - Par 6
Bear Fruit

Apple and orange large shapes with holes cut in them, placing  bottomless cups (bottom removed) that are attached to fruit (holding fruit up and a place for ball to go through each one

John 15:2

Hole #7 - Par 4
Vine & Branches

Fake vines (dollar store) and a larger, longer brown cardboard tube(s)

John 15:1-6

Hole #8 - Par 3

Create Golgotha using a shoe box painted brown and glue some rocks to top and three sides. On top glue three white card-stock crosses, fold over a piece at base of each to glue to shoe box top. Use a small oval container for entrance, decorate similar to shoe box.

John 19:17-18

Hole #9 - Par 3

Box for empty tomb with large opening and decorated with a few flowers

John 20:1-10
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Found theses Kid's Outdoor Plastic Toy Golf Sets, available at both the "Dollar Tree" and "Dollarama", for anyone looking to do the "Putt Putt Golf Course" game posted above this summer for VBS.


Below are pictures of the ones I purchased from Dollarama for $3.

Each set is made of plastic and comes with: 3 balls, 2 clubs (22"Long), a tee-off, and a hole with a flag (I saw two styles of holes-see first picture below).

1 Dollarama Toy Golf Set 11 Dollarama Toy Golf Set 2

Dollar Tree

I haven't been into Dollar Tree yet, but on their website I saw these photos.

1 Dollar Tree Toy Golf Set 20232 Dollar Tree Toy Golf Set 2023


Images (4)
  • 1 Dollarama Toy Golf Set 1
  • 2 Dollarama Toy Golf Set 2
  • 1 Dollar Tree Toy Golf Set 2023
  • 2 Dollar Tree Toy Golf Set 2023

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