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From Wormy:

Acts 18, the story of Priscilla and Aquilla is a wonderful story for teaching about the importance of Debating and Learning the Word, and then INSTRUCTING OTHERS correctly.

Paul converted and instructed Priscilla and Aquilla, who later instructed Apollos. Apollos believed in Jesus, but didn't know much about him. After his instruction, Apollos went on to become a reknown evangelist in the early church.

Summary of Priscilla and Aquilla, Acts 18:

When Paul was in Corinth he met Aquila and Priscilla, two Jewish tentmakers from Italy. Paul too was a tentmaker. He converted them.

They joined Paul on his journey to Ephesus, where Paul once again preached the Gospel in the local synagogue.

Paul later left Ephesus and Priscilla and Aquilla stayed behind. There they met a traveling preacher names APOLLOS who was INCOMPLETELY preaching about Jesus. Priscilla and Aquilla invited Apollos to their home and instructed him in all they knew about Jesus. Apollos later moved on to Achaia where he was "a great help" to the believers there, arguing in public debates and using scriptures to prove Jesus was the Messiah.

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Paul Works with Priscilla and Aquilla

Bible Skills and Writing Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

The following contains an effective "Storytelling Demonstration" suggested from the book, Show Me! Devotions for Leaders to Teach Kids published by Group Publishing. ISBN 9780764420221

Bible Lesson:

Acts 18: 1-11

KEY Principle:
Be a faithful friend by working and sharing with others
Memory Verse: Colossians 3:23, “Work hard and with good cheer at all you do. Do everything like you were working for the Lord.”

Materials List:

  • Show Me! Devotions for Leaders to Teach Kids published by Group Publishing. ISBN 9780764420221

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Lesson Plan:


Welcome everyone and take attendance, collect offering.

Open with a prayer.


Begin lesson. (the words for you to say are in normal print, with actions in parentheses.)

When someone tells another person something really exciting, such as how Jesus is our Savior, and that person believes the message, God’s love forms a circle around these people (hold up your paper strip, give it a twist, then tape the ends together. Make sure it’s taped together all the way across.) They become forever connected.

But it doesn’t stop there (poke a hole in the center of the strip and begin cutting lengthwise down the center). When these new believers tell others, watch what happens (let the loop open up - it should have doubled in size).

Wow! The circle grew! We can be faithful friends by working and sharing with others - and God’s kingdom grows. Our circle of friends becomes bigger too. (put circle out of way)

Now Paul is meeting some new friends. Listen as I read from Acts 18:1-3 (allow the students to find Acts 18, and then read aloud the passage).

Additional Suggested Demonstrations (added by Neil MacQueen)

The following is a series of demonstrations you can walk through with your kids to illustrate some important ideas about evangelism, the church, and coming to Sunday School!

Red Yarn Demonstration of our Connectedness and Sharing

Wrap a long long length of red yarn around a small wooden dowel on one end and a another dowel on the other end. Secret it inside your shirt near your heart.

As you talk about "sharing the Good News" and "making disciples just as Jesus made Paul his disciple, who then made Priscilla and Aquilla his disciple", PULL on the end of the red yarn to make the yarn come out of you. Keep it coming! And toss the end to someone in the group. Have them put the yarn around their waist and toss the end to someone else. You're making the "ol' see how we're all connected" web. "From Jesus' heart, and from your heart, to your students, just like from Jesus to Paul to Priscilla/Aquilla, we are connected."

Now, as you stand there all connected, take the loose end and start cutting off a 6 inch piece and give it to everyone. Have them tie a message tag to it. On that message is the name of someone they should invite to come to Sunday School. That yarn and message goes home.

Next demonstration:
We're stronger together than we are apart." "We learn more together when we come together".
Give each student a five foot piece of yarn. Toss the end of YOUR yarn toward someone who's "in trouble, needs our help". Have your helper hold on tight. Pull hard and watch the yarn snap. Now invite students to combine their yarn into one strong yarn rope and toss it to that "in need" student. Pull them in!

Now separate out the yarn pieces again and give each student a large paperclip or heavy piece of wire. Have them form a HOOK and tie it to the end of the yarn.

Discuss how to 'bait' that hook. How do we appeal to kids? To those who are hurting? To those who are sad? To those who seek knowledge? Have your helper quickly write these "baits" on post-it notes, and then give them out to the kids to put on their hooks. Lay them all out on the floor and walk around them. Point out that there are "all sorts of fish" that the church is trying to catch for Christ (fishers of men!). Some things we do in the church are for certain types of fish! Not every type of bait/message/offering appeals to every type of fish.

Pass around some post it note "baits" and have the kids decide what will most attract THEM and their FRIENDS to worship and Sunday School. Then read them off and attached them to a bunch of hooks for display.


End in a prayer.

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Let's Brainstorm some ideas about Priscilla and Aquilla

1. They were tentmakers
Tents, awnings, sails, sacks, ...anything that needed sewing, they could make or repair.

How about sewing colorful sail cloth into a patchwork sail, quickly stapling it to mast/boom-dowels, and sticking the 'mast' into a floating piece of wood which has been pre-shaped like a boat.

The boat can be named "The Church" and the sail catching the Breath/Wind of God represents Priscilla and Aquila. Add sail pieces with names, or write on the sail names of people in the lives of the students who help the student and church move. Have a baby pool in the workshop and a large fan to float the boats.

The boat is a familiar metaphor for the church which you can do some floating/storm/steering demonstrations with to illustrate some points about the church. Paul rode a lot of boats too! <>< Neil

2. Apollos Sunday School
They "schooled" Apollos who was a popular early evangelist mentioned in the Book of Acts. He had faith, but he didn't know a lot about Jesus. They told him. WHAT DID THEY TELL APOLLOS?

Play the Telephone Game:
Try passing on an important story about Jesus. This illustrates the importance of attending so you get it right.

Play the "What Do We Know?" Game:
Put a picture of Jesus on the cross and write the words, "The Messiah said, Father Forgive Them for they don't know what they're doing". Ask: Without saying or knowing anything else about Jesus, what does this picture and those words TELL YOU about Jesus' mission, character, and identify?

Play "Send the Gospel into Outer Space" Game (like the lifeboat game)
Pull out a can and say "We have been charged to select ONLY THREE stories about Jesus to send in outer space on a mission beyond the solar system. What stories will we choose, and in what order should we place them? Brainstorm a list of stories (and have some ready) onto a flipchart. After debating/voting, tear off the stories and put them in the can. <>< Neil

Please add your ideas!

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