Puppet and Drama Lessons and Ideas for Teaching the Jacob stories, Including Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's Ladder, in Sunday School

Post your Sunday School puppet and drama lessons and ideas for the Jacob stories, including Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's ladder here. 

Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25, Genesis 27, Genesis 28, Isaac blesses Jacob, Jacob's Dream, Stairway to Heaven, Jacob and Laban, Leah, Rachel, Jacob Wrestles, Bible Sunday School lessons about Jacob and Esau  -with Drama, puppets, scripts, skits, acting, newsroom, etc.

You are welcome to post your Sunday School lesson plans for the Jacob stories. Click "reply" at the end of this thread.

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It includes a detailed creative Jacob and Esau Drama Workshop lesson.

There is a good Jacob and Esau Puppet Script at

The Hunter's have a number of scripts and lesson resources there for Rotation folks.

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Posing Key Scenes

This is a familiar technique that goes by many different names, "Freeze frame" for example. It's a particularly good way to break up a big story into digestible segments and have fun VISUALIZING different characters' points of view in the story, including God's!  

Member @Jaymie Derden writes:

One of our kids' favorite drama activities is to photograph the kids "posing" key scenes from the story we are studying.  Then we print out copies for each and turn it into a "photo album" of the story the kids can take home.

Below we've expanded Jaymie's idea and added some "how-to" and additional thoughts.

How to quickly turn your poses photos into a printable album: 

After posing and photographing 3 or 4 scenes from the Bible story....

1. Have a laptop and printer in the classroom, or available during class time. 

2.  Open WORD and "insert" the pictures from your camera into a Word Doc.  Resize them so that they fit on one page or two (keeping the photo sizes smaller saves ink and prints faster).

3.  With the kids gathered around, have them suggest "captions" for each of the photos. Type the captions under each photo, even several if you like to include some of the things students say.

4. Add one final "what it all means" statement crafted by the students. Type that in, Save, then print! 

Jaymie writes: This makes a really neat keepsake and parents love it!

There are a variety of ways to work "posing" into your lesson and reading. For example: 

Reading 1
Pose for Photo 1

Reading 2
Pose for Photo 2

Reading 3
Pose for Photo 3

What does it mean -4
Student create "thought bubbles" on posterboard (writing in big fat letters that will show up in the photo) then pose for a final photo.   Each student's bubble expresses an idea. The ideas can come from the group discussion, or from each student's own thoughts.

Deciding how to pose he story moment is your discussion time. 

Use a special prop or costume to easily identify the key characters in each pose. This also allows different students to take turns playing the key character in the different poses/scenes.

Add characters. For example, "the other women near the well," or "God looking down on the scene," or "Sunday School kids pondering what they're seeing." 

Pick the "crux" of the scripture reading to pose for the photo --the statement or action that captures the moment. 

2016 Note:  There's currently a popular fad called "Mannequin-ing" in which people suddenly "freeze like mannequins" while being videotaped.  


Puppet Poses?   
I'm wondering if instead of having the kids pose themselves, they could "freeze pose" puppets to create the scenes. Younger ones especially might enjoy this. I would probably attached "rods" to the puppet's arms to allow the kids to manipulate puppets which don't already have rod arms.

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